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who's talking here?

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littlesilverheart --- 7 years ago -

how was life in your home after ur husband came back from his first combat deployment? 

Hokey*Pokey --- 7 years ago -

for us, we picked up right where we left off. It seemed like nothing had changed and he had never left. Except he did help out around the house more for the first couple of months, lol 

Moses --- 7 years ago -

Nothing changed for use either. To us, his deployments were like he was never even gone. First day is a little awkward for use, but after that it was all good. There were minimal PTSD type things for us, too. 

littlesilverheart --- 7 years ago -

thanks hokey ...that is how i am assuming it will be with us ( aside from him helping out around the hoouse lol prob will not happen) 

littlesilverheart --- 7 years ago -

moses what sort of ptsd stuff? i am just trying to get prepared. 

Moses --- 7 years ago -

He has some dreams about things... Kept imagining hearing barking dogs... The dogs over there that would pack up at night would irritate the shit out of him.. they barked all the time.

Unrelated to PTSD, he gets random rashes which he never had prior to Iraq. He also violently twitches now before he goes to bed. All is tolerable stuff for us, I understand all is different on the Marines age, maturity, and what was experienced for them. Regardless, you should be just fine. If there seems to be any issues, there is a lot of help available :) 

shellibeth --- 7 years ago -

If anything our relationship is even stronger and we appreciate each other even more now. 

Moses --- 7 years ago -

I agree with Shellibeth, too. We grew much closer for each deployment. 

SecretSquirrel --- 7 years ago -

While he was gone I had a baby and had just moved us to a 4 bedroom house on base from our 3 bed, so things changed but not in any way different than how it does just as life naturally progresses. 

Doo Schnugget --- 7 years ago -

For us it was different than most because he came home a dad and left before I had even started to show in my pregnancy. So there was a lot of hurdles with that to get over. Otherwise we just picked up where we left off. 

YOU MAD BRO --- 7 years ago -

he came home and it was just me and the dog so it was nothing. We went right back into normal.. i was working full time and he was to. nothing changed but we did get pregnant lol 

Abra --- 7 years ago -

If anything our relationship is even stronger and we appreciate each other even more now.

This. Also things were different bc I had a baby all on my own so I was used to doing everything a certain way. We had a schedule, nothing set in stone but things like a certain time for meals, snacks, play all changed when he got home. 

ALEM --- 7 years ago -

a huge adjustment! he left we had just gotten a dog, he came back there was a dog, death in the family and a new baby! welcome home babe! 

SuKitty --- 7 years ago -

As soon as he got home, it seem like nothing changed. BUT a few things changed, his baby girl was a BABY when he left. He came back and she was speaking THAI fluently. That was funny because I went to the store, came home & he was like. I don't understand what she's trying to tell me. So I started teaching my baby English lol

Other than that language barrier, we picked up where we left off :) 

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