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I joined this crazy place on 2012-01-09, 9 years ago.

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hi... - 9 years ago

not as fun as it used to be thats for sure... .

tmi; preggo ? - 9 years ago

while i fully understand that i am not a doctor... i would say change your socks and drink some water and you will be all fixed up...

hi... - 9 years ago

what happend to all the fire and excitment around here... place is sad and boring... like a retirement home...

Shutting Off Cable - 9 years ago

GOD NO!!! say it aint so... NO CABLE.... my thoughs and prayers are with your family...

hummm opinions - 9 years ago

just say no to drugs....

hi... - 9 years ago

see now we have something going... bout time geezzz...

hi... - 9 years ago

come on..

hi... - 9 years ago

seriously no one... sigh.. this place used to be so much fun..

lets share a recipe!!! - 9 years ago

INGREDIENTS: 2 Slices Bread (of your choice of course) 2 Globs of Peanut Butter 1 1/2 Globs of Jelly (I prefer strawberry) DIRECTIONS: Spread globs on each slice of bread, mash together and...

hi... - 9 years ago

how is everyone? nice night with a full moon and all..

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