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I joined this crazy place on 2010-11-07, 12 years ago.

» save lmb112 as my FRIEND - HOSER

New Marine wife, just moved to area

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Canker sore - 11 years ago

anbesol works great for me.

Advice would be great... - 11 years ago

I mean really you already know the answer. from an outside perspective, it doesn't look like he is changing. And it looks like his actions could lead to more infidelity. I wouldn't trust him either, ...

POLL: Does Your Husband? - 11 years ago

Confidence? I think not, in my case in particular he told my husband and was boasting about "banging a hot biotch" and when the Gunny overheard, he was like "You are married right" so I highly doubt ...

tricare prime and living in other areas question - 11 years ago

You can look online and check to see if there are drs in that area then just call and switch it to that doctor/region otherwise if there are no drs you will have to switch to prime remote or standard

Preggo ? - 11 years ago

Maybe you have some acid indigestion so it makes it feel that way? hmmm idk

Going from 2 salaries to 1 - 11 years ago

Cut back all the "Luxuries" you don't need, extra boxes in house cable, cell phones getting cheaper ones, buying either commissary or off brand food, using coupons etc.

Hit and Run on horno - 11 years ago

Someone hit my husband when they were on a jog, Everyone was so concerned with my husband they didn't look for the license plate assuming he would pull over, NOPE! kept on driving, it was a black sat...

POLL: Does Your Husband? - 11 years ago

My husband has told me about several of his co-workers who have cheated, either one brought a girl to my dh's barracks room when he was single to "show her off" (that guy was married with kids), anoth...

I'm flipping shizzzzballs. - 11 years ago

[i]i would like never shower again.. everytime i would imagine some little pervy ghost chilling on the toilet watching me shower;;; [/i] lol

I'm flipping shizzzzballs. - 11 years ago

I can't only imagine swinging the hockey stick at the air and a neighbor seeing it.

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