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Sarah Sparkles

I joined this crazy place on 2009-02-08, 14 years ago.

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The photo caption seems fitting, given the hostilities which abound here on PU. Afterall, a good defense is the best offense, when someone has the nerve to say, "Hello."

latest comments

Egypt - 12 years ago

No one here has an opinion?? That's a first hahaha

Losing wieght - 12 years ago

I used to work at a gym, in the day care, which in no way qualifies me as a fitness expert but the personal trainers were all really nice and they'd help the other staff members if they had a slow day...

mom's of toddlers i have a question.. - 12 years ago

Supposedly, it's very age appropriate. Between 13 and 24 months, they experience separation anxiety :(

Egypt - 12 years ago

I posted this on FB...didn't really get the response I was hoping for. So, I'm posting it here :) Is there anyone who can discuss what's happening in Egpyt with me?? The articles I've found are jus...

FET marines - 12 years ago

[i]stop being so jealous of female marines[/i] Who said they were jealous?

FET marines - 12 years ago

[i]No they were making fun of me wrecking a lift [/i] That made me laugh a little. Were you hurt?? They weren't making fun of you for crashing when they were ripping on your dead arm hang.

Bridesmaid dress - 12 years ago has cute stuff in a variety of price ranges.

FET marines - 12 years ago

[i]I had jerks making fun of my hang or fork lift skills [/i] And they were making fun of nothing more than the fact that you are a girl! That's all I'm saying. If a guy is made of fun of it's beca...

FET marines - 12 years ago

For clarification, "dirty" wasn't meant to mean THAT kind of dirty...I just meant nasty or mean.

FET marines - 12 years ago

I didn't say I got no respect. I never said it was horrible I was treated decently. I'm sure the female SgtMaj I was talking about is treated quite sweetly to her face too though. Whatever your ra...

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