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who's talking here?

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Sarah Sparkles --- 12 years ago -

I posted this on FB...didn't really get the response I was hoping for. So, I'm posting it here :)

Is there anyone who can discuss what's happening in Egpyt with me?? The articles I've found are just more of the same, old razzle-dazzle that you'd expect from lazy journalists, junked up with their respective partisan spin, which equates them to crap. At this point, I'm of the opinion that Egypt should take care of Egypt and we should mind our own Ps and Qs. Insights? 

Sarah Sparkles --- 12 years ago -

No one here has an opinion?? That's a first hahaha 

DoctorDonna --- 12 years ago -

I would check out BBC, they aren't nearly as biased as our media is. But I'll admit, I havent really paid attention to the revolt. I just know that they're pissed about the named successor... 

Jillian --- 12 years ago -

No one here has an opinion?? That's a first hahaha

Thay're all too busy trying to vote me off the island. Hahaha 

LakerGirl --- 12 years ago -

Unfortunately, in the global economy, ignoring what's going on in Egypt could have a severe impact on the rest of the world, including the U.S. They do control the Suez Canal, just as an example. Can you imagine what the impact on oil prices will be if ships have to go around Africa in the event that the canal is shut down?
Not to mention that Egypt and our ally Israel have a historically tenuous relationship, so whether or not Egypt has a radical Islamic government is certainly of interest to us. 

Sarah Sparkles --- 12 years ago -

Thanks DD :)

It seems a little delayed...I mean he took office 29 years ago! 

DoctorDonna --- 12 years ago -

It is WAY delayed, and it seems the majority of egyptians don't want him to rule. 

Sarah Sparkles --- 12 years ago -

What about the money we send? Is that helping or hurting our cause? Clearly the people aren't happy...on the one hand, our leaders are saying a smooth transition toward democracy is crucial but on the other hand, do you think the people view us as aiding the regime they want thrown out? 

Sarah Sparkles --- 12 years ago -

So, Murbarak won't seek re-election. The people aren't happy. What more do they want? He's a lame duck and won't have much influence anymore anyway. Attention whores!! In a place where extremism is practially in vogue, is leaving the nation with out a leader a good idea?? I don't think so. 

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