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Anyone have

who's talking here?

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sweetcheeks --- 10 years ago -

A negative pregnancy test & still be preggo? 

shizzlemydizzle --- 10 years ago -

It can happen. Wait a couple of days and do another. 

Maleficent --- 10 years ago -

^^ what she said. I even had + tests at home and the nurse at BAS told me it was negative and I wasn't pregnant. Im due in 29 days. 

sweetcheeks --- 10 years ago -

I even took a blood test...I'm a week late today! 

AnonyMISS --- 10 years ago -

I got 3 positive home tests once, went to NH and was my period a few days later...guessing it was a chemical pregnancy. Still trying almost 9 months later! :( On a positive note I hear this happens pretty frequently at the naval hospital and their cheap tests that only pick up high levels of HGC or whatever the hormone is. Best wishes! 

sweetcheeks --- 10 years ago -

Thank u...I didn't go on base. I went to my doctor out here in Temecula but I guess they will retest in a few days. 

namenotalreadytaken --- 10 years ago -

I also had a negative test at the hospital but retook it a few days later to get a positive result but I also had a bunch of positive home ones too.
I'd start taking prenatals now just in case (if you havnt already)
Good luck!! 

sweetcheeks --- 10 years ago -

Thank u! 

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