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My apartment has termites/ apartment advice

who's talking here?

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LaLa --- 9 years ago -

I am the onsite manager for the complex i live at (25 units). Recently a tenant came to me and had termite droppings in his apt. And two small holes in the floor of his bathroom. I notified the Apt owner with photos and didnt receive a response. A couple of days later i found droppings in my kitchen. So i called again. I told the owner she needed to call pest control to have it assessed. She said she would have them come next month when they usually spray.

I was not happy about that. I hate bugs of any kind!
Today we found a termite hole in our ceiling.
My lease is up this week. We are getting a great deal. We pay $1100 for a two bedroom one bath townhouse with attached to car garage. This includes water, sewer and trash.

However its impossible to get anything fixed. When i moved in my husband was deployed and some of our blinds were missing. I asked many times and never got new ones. I ended up buying and having them cut myself.
And they dont actually fix anything its like they just want to put duct tape on everything.

We have been looking at other apartments but the ones we like are about 1500 a month and we have to pay water sewer and trash separate. they are much nicer and have washer, dryer and AC which we dont have now.
We can easily afford the extra money.

But my husband gets out in a year so we are saving. He says the termites arent a big deal. To me they are.

Has anyone dealt with termites visibly in the house before? I know the owners wont do much about it? Are they harmful? Besides the fact that thinking about it makes my skin crawl.

Any advice would be helpful.
Sorry this is so long.

Any suggestions on nice apartments in oceanside/vista?


shizzlemydizzle --- 9 years ago -

termites are harmful to anything made of wood, including anything paper.

There's nothing you can do - the owner will need to have the property treated in order to slow down the invasion of the termites. Depending on the construction, the premises may need to be tented in order to eradicate the current infestation.

It's not cheap, so it's not something you can opt to do yourself. 

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