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Stupid Neighbors!!

who's talking here?

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MAKcolvin --- 9 years ago -

Okay, this probably sounds stupid, but I'm fed up.

We moved into Stuart Mesa about a year ago. We since then have had noise issues with our neighbors. And this wasn't just a little bit of noise, they seem to have a bass pressed against our wall in our living room! I'm not even kidding. This causes an issue because we have a 2 year old little boy... And he sleeps during the day.

We have tried talking to them many times, and every time it resulted in their volume going UP. That kept happening. Finally one day she approached us trying to figure out why we are staring at her children... REALLY. Well long story short, we got into it. I admit, I said she was acting like a Bitch, but man she took it a lot further than that! I don't remember ever hearing that kind of talk from someone before! And this was all in front of my 2 year old. On top of all the lovely words exchanged she would not leave our driveway when we asked her to... 3 times. Finally she did.

Later that day he came over... And I knew things where not going to be good. He asked my husband to come out and talk to him like a man... really... He told him that I needed to pay for calling his wife a bitch, and hurting her feelings. From that point I called PMO. I was not going to screw around with this. They came, and talked with everyone (except her, because she was at work).

I'm going to shorten this, we had a mediation with housing (called racists, and not sensitive to their needs), but nothing was signed or put in writing. The district manager also said if we kept causing issues, we would all be kicked out of housing!

NOW... It's been a few months, and NOTHING has changed. We are still being treated like crap by them, and housing will do nothing to help us. We're not racists, and we are not mean people who try and get people in trouble... But we are going to legal soon and will be taking action against our neighbors and maybe even housing if they kick us out.

I don't think I have ever been under this much stress and anxiety in my life.

Anyone have any advice on what we should do? PMO said next time we call about the neighbors, they are just going to make the men go into the station... 

Leigh3212 --- 9 years ago -

If you haven't gone to legal yet, you may want to try a ceast and desist letter. I do not know exactly what they are doing, but if they are harassing you (I.e phone calls, letters, frequent veiled threats, threatening you or your family) then you can also apply for a civil harassment protection order which would last 20-25 days. Make sure you document anything they do in a journal or some form in case something does happen in the future. I do not know about on base, but if you reside in ca the law states that you can break a lease if you are harassed. 

Mom of thr33 --- 9 years ago -

Okay, so just to play devils advocate here... If PMO and housing are not doing anything - ask why. I.E. can you cite what base order or housing regulation they are violating? It sounds as if you may just have crap neighbors which is the luck of the draw sometimes, base housing or not. It sounds like a bad situation, but as stated by previous post.... Document all interactions and then go back and read what you wrote down, be sure you avoid them, and go with the old phrase - "don't start no stuff won't be no stuff." Unfortunately, there are not a lot of legal actions I am aware of when people are just mean or rude or bad neighbors :( sorry. 

a3334947uu --- 9 years ago -

Document everything. When we lived in SO2 our immature neighbors (mainly the wife) hated us from the start. She complained because we had parked in "her parking spot" lol when there ISN'T assigned parking. So in retaliation she & her midget friend blocked our vehicles in on more than one occasion (with her knowing we had to work the next day), harassed us, banged on the walls, played loud music.... It got so bad that husband had to call PMO one night. I'm GLAD they moved out bc that bipolar b1tch was a nightmare! 

Dirty Sanchez --- 9 years ago -

Well granted your description is short and summarized, but the only real issue you stated was loud music during the day. There are quiet hours on base for a reason, just like your child should be able to sleep during the day they should be allowed to play music. 

Maleficent --- 9 years ago -

Well granted your description is short and summarized, but the only real issue you stated was loud music during the day. There are quiet hours on base for a reason, just like your child should be able to sleep during the day they should be allowed to play music.

Bingo. By your description it just sounds like lack of maturity on everyones part with the fighting but no one is breaking any rules. Unless they are truly harassing you, just ignore them. Be the adults. 

CivMP --- 9 years ago -

VIDEO with sound 

sweetcheeks --- 9 years ago -

What did u do for them to kick u out? 

TexasSkinny --- 9 years ago -

I get that they have a right to have their music loud but everyday all day? Really I think that would be annoying! Just because you have the right doesn't mean you should abuse it either. So if I were you I would video and write everything down or call PMO. Because living on base is a privilege not a right. 

AnniRay --- 9 years ago -

What a nightmare. So sorry you had to experience this. We've had noisy neighbors too but usually when we go over to let them know they are disturbing us, they comply. This is just wrong. Makes me so mad. Just sad that people have to be so childish. 

MAKcolvin --- 9 years ago -

Sorry I haven't gotten on here for a while. We looked over our lease and there's a section in the Community Guidelines & Policies that states that noise shall not disturb neighbors. Which they clearly do, often and more than necessary.
Also, the next page covers harassment and threatening... which BOTH did on a couple occasions.

My husband is actually at mediation with the housing reps and his SSgt, so we will see what happens.

Housing said exactly that if we keep complaining they will terminate our lease... For no reason. The whole situation was crap, and I have nothing but bad for them. Let's just say... when we leave we are filing a long ICE report against them. 

Maleficent --- 9 years ago -

File it now. They can't do anything once you leave. When youre gone they will just ignore it and move on. If you file it now you can give more detail and they will talk with you. Also do not do it anonymously or again, it will be ignored. 

WatchingYouAll --- 9 years ago -

Stuart Mesa seems to be the home of immature marines and their families. If you can hear the music in your home from your neighbors that means it is too loud and the neighbor is required to turn it down without question when requested. If they refuse call the stuart mesa housing office and file a complaint and then call PMO and request they come by and take a statement. If PMO refuses, which I have seen them do, call the housing office by the south mesa lodge and make a complaint to the military side. Become a nuisance, hold people accountable for their immature behavior and not respecting others. 

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