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highten sercurity

who's talking here?

CivMP 3
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bigmamaperry --- 9 years ago -

does any one know why there was more guards at the gate than usually? 

CivMP --- 9 years ago -


shizzlemydizzle --- 9 years ago -



Maleficent --- 9 years ago -


CivMP --- 9 years ago -

Nothing to see here,,, move along please 

ooorah69P --- 9 years ago -

In other words "You don't have the need to know" 

CivMP --- 9 years ago -

Security now-a-days is never "normal"... and it is not prudent to discuss what's up. 

a4226170uu --- 9 years ago -

Awaiting the arrival of Doughnut and coffee delivery. 

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