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Tricare question

who's talking here?

issy1031 2
Leigh3212 2

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Leigh3212 --- 9 years ago -

I got approved for breast reduction, has anyone had it done? How was the dr? Any info on the matter appreciated 

issy1031 --- 9 years ago -

I have... 

Leigh3212 --- 9 years ago -

Well thank you for your input... 

issy1031 --- 9 years ago -

Sorry. I had mine done and it was outpatient. The recovery was pretty easy. You would be surprised at what chest muscles you have that are going to be affected! lol. Like washing your hair or raising your arms up. The scars are pretty significant. But mine healed with no raised marks. I can wear a bikini top and you can't tell. The most scarring is underneath the breast and is noticeable when you raise your ams above your head. I did have a post operative infection and I have numbness at the base of breasts. Of course I could not breast feed (they remove your areolas) which was a painful story in itself. With all that said. I would still have the surgery on any given day knowing what the experience was like and the end results. Totally worth it. Mine was done at NAS Jacksonville. 

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