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Help, ghost?

who's talking here?

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Bradleysmommy09 --- 10 years ago -

At what age are kids able to make up "ghosts"? My son just turned three, we have lived here since feb(Stuart Mesa) and he has never wanted to sleep in his room. He always screams and says he's scared, he has a night light and nightly routine. Anyways tonight he told me there was a girl in his closet calling him a baby. Can he be making this up ? He's so young and well no one wants to hear about ppl In closets lol. He has a baby monitor in his room and I hear him telling someone to shut up and stuff like that :( I don't want to make him sleep somewhere where he is terrified. Anyone else gone through this ? I'm not one that really believes in that stuff but its got me thinking. 

ChefsDoItBetter3 --- 10 years ago -

I have a friendly ghost in my house in Stuart Mesa. 

alwaysright --- 10 years ago -

I do not believe in ghosts. I think that you just need to make him sleep in his room. He will continue to make up excuses to not sleep in there as long as you allow him to. As far as making up an imaginary friend, yes it is possible. Does he have an active imagination (pretending to be a super hero, playing interactivly with stuffed animals or toys, etc)? My daughter was always "talking" to someone in her room, it is just their imagination. You might need go deal with a few days of tears and screaming, but once he realizes you are the parent and that you will not back down on the issue he will get over it. 

Mrs Patch --- 10 years ago -

Why wouldn't you listen to your child? Obviously something (whether real or not) is bothering him. Maybe try having him draw a picture or talking it out. Have you slept in the room yourself? Maybe he watched something on TV that could have scared him. Infinite posibilities. 

Bradleysmommy09 --- 10 years ago -

It's not just a few tears. He cries for at least an hr before he finally goes to sleep. I have llaid Down with him til he fell asleep, he says he is still scared when I'm in there with him :( He never talks to himself (imaginary people) when he's playing that's why I asked if he could make it up. 

accountnickname --- 10 years ago -

Does your house connect to anyone else's? If so it could be a neighbor playing a rotten joke. Or maybe it comes from something he has seen on TV or a movie. Even kids cartoons are full of ghosts. 

Robinlp --- 10 years ago -

If he is telling someone to "shut up" he obviously believes he is seeing/talking to someone. I wouldn't make my child sleep somewhere where he is afraid. Is there anyway you could try making a pallet in the living room for him? Also put the baby monitor in there to see if he continues talking. Crying for an hour over making something up isn't something I can see a 3 year old doing. 

Bradleysmommy09 --- 10 years ago -

I cant let him sleep downstairs by himself. But we did sleep on the floor downstairs last night and he did fine. He only sees it upstairs :/ I also didn't think it was something he would do if he was making it up. Hoping if we tell him it's not real enough it will slowly stop. Trying everything we can. 

KnightRider --- 10 years ago -

My son is three and one time after I laid him down, he came to the top of the stairs "yelling" at me so I would pay attention to him even though he was suppose to be in bed. I did my best to tune him out so that maybe he would go back to bed and I heard him say "she can't hear us"... Needless to say I was a little freaked out. I say a little prayer when I lay him down at night just in case its something bad. (my only hope since I'm not sure what to do). He does however talk to his stuffed animals at night. So that could have been who he was talking to. If you're that freaked out, maybe get a chaplain to come bless your house. I'm not saying i believe in ghosts and such but i don't not believe in them. 

Josie --- 10 years ago -

Have you thought about blessing your home? I had a lot of unexplainable things happen to me back when I was still living at my parents house such as I'd wake up with writing on my arm, closet doors opening, being poked at from under my futon, whispering in my ears, getting my hair pulled, getting my blankets pulled off. My family didn't believe me until they started experiencing stuff and we've all tried finding a reasonable explanation for it but just learned to accept it and ignore it whenever something strange happens. Try blessing your home and my best advice is not to ignore your little ones comments. You can also try putting a night light in his closet or leaving the tv on for him just so it gives him some sort of distraction. I hope I could be of some sort of help :) 

rachelRN007 --- 10 years ago -

We are moving to the Pendleton area in early January and I thought Id share our experience from here on base in Hawaii. My youngest son would scream like someone was attacking him in his room at night and he described it as a black figure and that he could never see the figures face, it would just stare at him from his closet or behind his bedroom door. Other strange things began to happen in our home as well. Finally we had a few of the pastors from our church come bless our home and they also taught my son how to 'take charge' of his room and let the "demons" know that he is in charge of his room. I didn't think it would work, but I didn't know what else to try, I'm happy to say that it had worked for a little over a year, and just recently he has been telling me that the "figure" is back. One thing our Pastor did tell me is that places like Marine Corps base housing areas, attract a lot of "demons" because of the different places the military members have been where others are praying to their Gods to wish harm upon us, also when someone commits adultery, it attracts these unwanted things as well. It could even be someone that committed adultery many years ago that lived in the house before you did and the "demon" is still hanging out in the house. I never believed in things like this until I heard my son screaming. I swear my heart was in my throat and I could not run up those stairs fast enough to get to him. I hate that children are sensitive to these "beings", Poor kids:( 

Bradleysmommy09 --- 10 years ago -

Thanks everyone, I think we are ok now. We all told it to go away and I had him yell at it and tell it to go away and it doesn't seem to bother him anymore. He goes to sleep a lot faster and isn't so afraid of his room. Hasn't mentioned it since then. So thankful because i hate to think he didn't feel safe in his own house. 

Texicano --- 10 years ago -

Good, Now go smack your kid for having a potty mouth! lol

Bradleysmommy09 --- 10 years ago -


Texicano --- 10 years ago -

Call Duncan Paranormal Society. They're on base. 

RohoMama --- 10 years ago -

I have lived here since last September as well and my son does the same thing :( 

a3711028uu --- 9 years ago -

is this still a problem?
if so, i can help. had prior expenerane with these "things" the last one wasnt so nice lol 

gasp --- 9 years ago -

Stuart Mesa is "haunted". Go to the search bar and type 'ghost' or 'haunted'...every time someone comes on here saying they think their house is's always people that live I'm Stuart Mesa. 

LBenca --- 9 years ago -

My daughter has recently started doing the same thing, she insists that the closet door be closed and says that there are monsters in her room. She has been waking up in the middle of the night screaming bloody murder and sleeping with us. She has always been OK with ghosts or Monsters because we have two huskies and we always tell her that they can't come into our house because of the dogs and that isn't working anymore. I am sure its just a phase except since we moved into this house I have sworn something has just never felt right in our master bedroom, so I'm not so sure. 

Macy --- 9 years ago -

I use to see ghosts as a child. Trust in everything he says. 

JBG1101 --- 8 years ago -

Me and my husband moved into stuart mesa housing about a month ago and we have been hearing walking upstairs when we are downstairs and it feels uneasy when we are alone or the lights are off we hear doors slam in the middle of the night and lights turn on when we try and close the doors it feels as if someone is holding it frames fall off the walls and about 2 weeks ago i was going to pick my husband up from work and i was walking down the stairs and felt a shove and fell down the stairs i was so terrified i didnt want to come home its as if someone is watching us or listening to us we try and live with it but sometimes it gets to us :( idk anyone around here so no one to really talk to :( help? 

Bradleysmommy09 --- 8 years ago -

sorry i cant help you much, we just told ours to go away over and over again and it did. we moved out a few months ago (now on recruiting duty yay -_-) if it hadnt of gone away we were going to see if the chaplain in my husbands unit could come bless the house. might help. 

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