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Need Help... Strep Throat... :(

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HisOleLady --- 9 years ago -

So i have had a little discomfort in my throat but nothing to crazy.. the doctor called and said i have type G strep.. What the hell is this.. she had NO help and kinda left me hanging..

Has anyone had Type G Strep? 

HisOleLady --- 9 years ago -

Guess im the only one.. =/ thats embarrassing 

shizzlemydizzle --- 9 years ago -

Google is your friend.

Did the Dr call in/write you a script? 

HisOleLady --- 9 years ago -

I have googled.. it doesnt really help much... And yes she faxed in antibiotics.. im just a little worried becasue how she was acting was not normal when she called me.. 

accountnickname --- 9 years ago -

From the googling I've done it looks like it isn't as bad as group A but is simply less common because it *usually* comes from animals. Are you around farm-type animals or drink raw milk? 

shizzlemydizzle --- 9 years ago -

Then call back if you're worried and either speak to the nurse or have the Dr call you back when she's available to explain it to you. 

Maleficent --- 9 years ago -

Are you around farm-type animals or drink raw milk?

or making out with animals? lol I'm sorry chuckle...

I hope you feel better soon though. I wouldn't worry too much if she called you to give you results. If it were really serious, she would have you come into the office. Just make sure you finish ALL you meds even if you start to feel better. 

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