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Is this right?

who's talking here?

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picsphotography --- 6 years ago -

I went to go see my doctor the other day for a couple things and one of them was to ask about getting a referral to see an eye doctor. She told me that I'd have to wait for my insurance to come back and approve my coverage for the visit I just did and then I'd have to call back to get the. Number to the doctor. I was kinda upset cause she kinda just left me hanging. Skis this correct or cani just call and get the number anyways? 

Maleficent --- 6 years ago -

If you're with tricare you don't need a referral for an eye exam... 

picsphotography --- 6 years ago -

I have prime and everybody has told me with that I have to go through my doctor first..... 

gasp --- 6 years ago -

That's incorrect...make an appointment with the eye doc at the new exchange and show your dependent ID. You do not have to go through you PCM. We have TriCare Prime as well and I go in every year. 

picsphotography --- 6 years ago -

Thank you. Now I'm just irritated that I waited so long to go talk to my doctor about it when I really didn't have too 

TweedleDee2 --- 6 years ago -

Is it Optamology or Opthomology? You need a referrerl for Opthomology because that's who I see, I had too see my doc first 

Alisa --- 6 years ago -

If you are going just for glasses or contacts then you do not need authorization first just go get the exam done. If you are going to see a specialist because of a problem then your pcm will have to put referral, and you will have to wait till you get the auth from tricare. 

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