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Any women from TX out there? We're having a major spider problem!

who's talking here?

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Lovesmesomecoffee 2
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Lovesmesomecoffee --- 10 years ago -

My husband and I keep getting these huge 2 inch and bigger wolf spiders running though our house!

Is July & Aug spider season, and is there something Tx'ns use to combat these furry fellas? 

MommaNanny --- 10 years ago -

We get them in IL bad in the summer. They are ugly but wont hurt ya lol. Maybe try sticky traps. 

BellaLaVie --- 10 years ago -

Other than bug spray...not too much you can do. But like MommaNanny said above...they won't hurt ya. 

2kool4skool --- 10 years ago -

Doesnt matter if they cant hurt you, they are FU@*ING scary looking!!! 

Lovesmesomecoffee --- 10 years ago -

Doesnt matter if they cant hurt you, they are FU@*ING scary looking!!!

X2 hahahhhahha

I can't put those sticky things on the floor, one of our dogs eat anything left on the floor, socks, undies, shoes, paper you name it - it hits the floor and it in he mouth hahhha so we always have a super clean floor in case she gets her paw under a table or something to get one of those sticky traps =)

I have thought of those before, and how great of an idea they'd be- Are they poisonous?

Anything pet friendly we can put in the yard, like a spray or powder? There are literally HUNDREDS that scatter when we mow... ACK so Gross!!
I'm from the midwest, so the spider problem usually isn't this insane, but these f'ers are mean looking, and charge yah!

Thanks for the advice! 

KadMar --- 10 years ago -

My grandmother used to swear peppermint would keep the spiders away. This is what I found when I searched:

sorry, on my phone or I would link. I've been thinking about trying it to prevent but have been lucky so far and haven't had a problem. But it's all natural and wouldn't hurt the dogs so could be worth a try. Good luck! 

Kstar --- 10 years ago -

Try some diatomaceous earth. You should be able to find it at a garden store or even a feed store. Sprinkle it around in the yard and it will work for a few months, its also good for other bugs to like fleas. Also hummingbirds eat wolf spiders so maybe try hanging a feeder out for them. 

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