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I joined this crazy place on 2010-03-08, 12 years ago.

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Wishing and waiting for a vacation.

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Need some parenting suggestions - 10 years ago

I'd also begin by removing all of her toys, and nice things that she likes. TV in her room, PS3 games, everything thats "extra" leave her her clothes, bed, bedding and essentials and as she starts to...

Need some parenting suggestions - 10 years ago

My parents taught me the gift of ownership when they completely stopped buying me the frivolous things I wanted, and started making me do chores and work for my money. Then if I wanted it they'd eithe...

autism question? - 10 years ago

I called a psychologist myself (for a behavioral appointment) and Tricare will cover it, you don't necessarily need a referral from what I gather. Tricare West might be different though. If the wa...

Epidermoid Brain Tumor - 10 years ago

[i]Civilan or military docs I would always want second opinions when it comes to this matter and me personally I want to be able to choose who I feel is confident and has a good record of expertise in...

New family to Oceanside - 10 years ago

Check out on Facebook meet-up groups. There is also Goodluck!

How to get an appointment with Mental Health? - 10 years ago

When you call to get an appointment, be sure to get more then one name to a person - when I tried to get an appointment each one I called was too booked for me, so I had to keep calling Mil one source...

Stopped taking Estradiol & Progesterone think I have side affects? - 10 years ago

I've recently been taking these medications, and I've come to the end of my medications and have abruptly stopped taking them, like I was prescribed - now I'm getting daily headaches, nausea, slight d...

Quality Parenting - 10 years ago

Hahhha you guys, so worked up.

Quality Parenting - 10 years ago

** include all viewpoint

Quality Parenting - 10 years ago

Because I condone the way that I was brought up, and I think that leaving kiddies inthe car is fine- doesn't mean I automatically accept the way your parents raised you- my parents didnt smoke, didn'...

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