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IUD problems

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MY2BoysRmyLIFE --- 5 years ago -

Has anyone's iud all of a sudden gotten out of place or have you gotten an etopic pregnancy? Just started having bad cramping this morning. I've had my iud over a year too. Idk if this is just a bump in the road or if i should go to the er. Any input would be appreciated. TIA. 

shizzlemydizzle --- 5 years ago -

Call your Dr. They'll let you know if you should go to the ER or come into the office. 

LaLa --- 5 years ago -

Ive had mine for almost 3 years. I will get random painful cramps i have no idea why. I have been to the doctor several times bc i am afraid it is out of place. They have always checked it and even do an ultrasound to make sure. Its always been right where it should be. But if it doesnt feel right and your in pain going to the ER cant hurt. Better to be safe than sorry. 

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