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Anyone been to SC?

who's talking here?

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Soon2bDIwife --- 5 years ago -

My husband's dream is coming true. He leaves for DI school in Oct. I'm a little less thrilled. I've heard so many stories and I struggle to not get annoyed with my neighbors here, how is it going to be different there when, really, they're all I'm going to have?! Plus, I'm pregnant and due about 2 months after we'll be moving. I plan on delivering at a birthing center in Savannah, GA. I believe it's called The Midwife Group. Has anyone else delivered there? I've never been there, only saw the website, so I'm a bit scared of what to expect but hoping to get the delivery I've always wanted. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated! 

GardenWitch --- 5 years ago -

We lived there for 4 years, LOVED it. Beaufort is very friendly towards military as well.

All I know about the hospital/birthing etc is they don't do delivery's at the Naval Hospital there. Not sure who handles it or if you even get a choice. Savannah is about an hours drive, plus there's about 5 other hospitals in between Beaufort and Savannah. When we were there, we were sent to the closest doctor/hospital to where we lived (Bluffton/Hilton Head) The youngest only went to Savannah as that was the closest pediatric cardiologist. 

critty --- 5 years ago -

i spent way to long in Beaufort....
message me any/all of your questions i will do my best to answer them. 

atxthree --- 5 years ago -

We just move to CA from PI about a month ago. My husband was a DI there. Like mentioned above, Savannah is about an hour away, but if you were to have your baby in Bft, you will not deliver at the NH, you will go to Beaufort Memorial. They are really great there! My advice for the drill field would be to stay positive, make sure you and your husband communicate when you can, and understand that he will be gone a lot! I also suggest getting involved with the MCFTB. They are awesome there. Everyone is really friendly, and when you are ready, child care is provided for the classes that are offered. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to message me! 

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