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Fire on Base???

who's talking here?

Kaity Jo 1
Alisa 1
gorgeousll19 2
MAKcolvin 2
HereAgain 3
Whatevs 2

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Whatevs --- 10 years ago -

anyone know where it is? I hope everyone is okay. 

MAKcolvin --- 10 years ago -

I live in Stuart Mesa, and its maybe a mile from my house. I was just about to ask if anyone knew what was going on! I hope nothing bad happened... and that they take care of this soon... the smoke looks bad. 

Whatevs --- 10 years ago -

It's awful, I am in Wm1 and all I can see is smoke. I pray its in the woods and not someone's home. 

gorgeousll19 --- 10 years ago -

It's behind MCAS by Camp Margarita. 

HereAgain --- 10 years ago -

It looks like it is out towards the range. It's not a house in SM or anything. 

MAKcolvin --- 10 years ago -

It must be bad if you can see it over there. I'm not 100% where Camp Margarita is. 

HereAgain --- 10 years ago -

gorgeousll19 --- 1 min ago - quote - flag comment - hide comments
It's behind MCAS by Camp Margarita. 

Wow it looks so close. 

gorgeousll19 --- 10 years ago -

Yeah we just drove by it. It looks really bad! 

HereAgain --- 10 years ago -

Camp Margarita is behind the air station. 

Kaity Jo --- 10 years ago - sorry I don't know how to post a link. 

NOTW --- 10 years ago -

United States Marine Corps
Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

Public Affairs Office
Box 555019
Marine Corps Base
Camp Pendleton, CA 92055-5019  
For more information:
Phone: (760) 725-5044

Press Release 12-22   June 25, 2012

Camp Pendleton hazard reduction burn scheduled for Tuesday

CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. – The Camp Pendleton Fire Department is scheduled to conduct a seasonal hazard reduction burn during daylight hours Tuesday in the Juliet Training Area of the base.

The Juliet Training Area is near the Southeast boundary of the base located between the San Luis Rey gate and the Naval Weapons Station. Base residents in the San Luis Rey, Serra Mesa and De Luz housing areas, as well as those working in Areas 11 through 17, may notice smoke clouds during the burn.

The communities of Oceanside and Fallbrook may also observe smoke clouds during the burn.

The purpose of the hazard reduction burn is to reduce fire fuels in training areas near the Naval Weapons Station and base housing.


Alisa --- 10 years ago -

The control burn was canceled. Here is info on the burn ....... 

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