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newbies @ kickboxing tonight

who's talking here?

Camerons Creations 1
KnightRider 2
CuteCurlyC 1

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KnightRider --- 5 years ago -

Ok so I'm going with a friend of mine to the Del Mar gym tonight for my first ever kickboxing class. Super nervous because I've never worked out a day in my life... So if anyone is shy about going alone come join the club and watch me make a fool out of myself and have a good time :) oh and its a six. pm me for my number if you want to meet up.

For those of you who currently go, do you need a yoga mat? Tia 

CuteCurlyC --- 5 years ago -

How was it? What other classes do they have there? 

Camerons Creations --- 5 years ago -

I went last night and it was a ton of fun! I am so sore today, but that's a good thing! 

KnightRider --- 5 years ago -

It was fun, but totally kicked my butt :) I'm not fit by any means and I was nervous that thats all that would be in there and that I would be the only one struggling, but there were girls just like me there. And the instructor was great :) and if you couldn't do the skilled version, she did a moderate one that you could do and she didnt make you feel bad for not being able to do the harder one. Um they have yoga tonight and kickboxing Saturday morning and get ripped on Monday night. I know they have a cycling class in the morning but im not sure what time and its twice a week. 

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