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Fitness trainer watch out scam

who's talking here?

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Jt78 --- 10 years ago -

So I can't take it anymore I've got to say something.......this fitnesstraining4u guy is a hack. Don't believe the crap he says on here, he's a complete phony. He talks so much bout being healthy and tries to give advice when he doesn't even do it himself. One day I decided to go to his park to see a fitness class.......well let's just say he's not in any type of shape to be telling me how to lose weight. I mean really when I think trainer, I think someone in at least descent shape. This guy, no way......huge and not in a muscle huge a fat huge. I don't make fun at people who need to lose a few, myself being one of them but this guy is the last person that should be giving health tips.

Sorry for the rant, just had to get that off my chest.


Jt78 --- 10 years ago -


For a guy who talks negatively bout marines he sure does try to make money off their wives..... 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 10 years ago -

Wow, made a new account to come on here and bash someone who has been coming on the PU for awhile. Sorry to tell you this but new accounts say you are lieing or trying to hide who you are. 

Clinical Depression --- 10 years ago -

...or this is him or someone else starting drama so that people will a) defend him, b) get him more business. 

Jt78 --- 10 years ago -

Well think what u want, it's a warning post so go find out for urself if u want to call me a lier

Depression-same to u, go to a session and then say I'm trying to get more business for this guy.

Yes new account because this is Where my gf told me she saw his posts and advertised.
So yes I created an account to post my thoughts. 

Poe --- 10 years ago -

Or it didn't work for you because you were unwilling to give it your all and since you're in denial you must blame him. 

BellaLaVie --- 10 years ago -

Yes new account because this is Where my gf told me she saw his posts and advertised.

So you must be pretty obsessed with this guy to go look for him at one of his classes and for your g/f to tell you about him on this website...and then for you to "not be able to take it anymore" and say something. Get over yourself. 

Jt78 --- 10 years ago -

Look take it for what it's worth, obsessed? Really ok, so when u check a product out and didn't like it you NEVER ever gave ur opinion on it? Please......sounds like a hypocrite to me. Oh well go sign up then if ur so sure. 

BellaLaVie --- 10 years ago -

I don't need to. I'm fit and healthy. You're not giving a product're putting someone down. He may have been overweight and changed his lifestyle and is now trying to help others. 

BellaLaVie --- 10 years ago -

Obliterated. Go figure. 

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