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Bummed out...

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Jersey Shore Chickie --- 6 years ago -

So I have googled just a bit out of curiosity today to see that their have been several baby showers on base for expecting mom's E1-E5 and yet our FRO didn't send me one email.

On a positive note, my husband, my mom and couple of my civilian girlfriends planned a baby shower for me.

Just wish I had the same support from our military family. It's funny, I'm only contacted by them when they need me to donate something, spend 30+ hours baking or whatnot. 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 6 years ago -

There is a church group that does a baby shower every month for expectant mothers. You have to go to San Onofre area for the shower but they give you a ton of stuff. Its San Clemete Saddleback Church. They do a lot for military families. Once a month a bunch of the members get together and offer a certain amount of hours of volunteer time to any military family that wants it. They will come to your home help clean, pull weeds, pant, basically do whatever it is that you want them to do around your home.
Saddle Back facebook page 

Champ --- 6 years ago -

Do you have a family team building on base? If so you should sign up for their newsletter. They send out information on quite a few more base happenings then FROs. 

Wiscogirl --- 6 years ago -

I haven't heard from a single one of my husbands FROs and he's been with 3 different units in the past 2 years. I've signed up on lists, given out my emails, etc. couldn't even tell you his current FRO's name. 

Taminator --- 6 years ago -

Not every unit throws baby showers for expecting moms. A majority of the units only do it for military women that are first time expecting. Its usually churches and other groups/clubs that throw the baby showers for the wives. You could always email your husbands FRO and ask him if he could refer you to one of the groups that does them 

norijackson --- 6 years ago -

Jersey, where did you find this information??? Nothing has been passed through the FRO chain (I am one). Sometimes we don't get information like this for various reasons. I know I would pass it if I had it.

Also, Taminator is correct....not all units do them, we can not use any of the funds we receive to have family events for Baby Showers and we are not allowed to solicite for donations. Of the two showers I have done for my unit in the last 4 years, one was given by a GirlScout doing her Gold Award project and the other was done by our adopted city when the Bn was deployed. 

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