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What the heck

who's talking here?

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YouReallyThinkSo 3
LuvVsPink 4
Poe 1
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YouReallyThinkSo --- 5 years ago -

Why was that thread deleted? 

accountnickname --- 5 years ago -

Which one? Last night HAB's thread about Army was deleted and Sarcasm was iced... again. :-/ I must have missed something on it. 

LuvVsPink --- 5 years ago -

Mods maybe? 

Shufflin --- 5 years ago -

Someone probably asked a mod to delete it. Isnt that how it works here? 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 5 years ago -

Crap I forgot the name, but it was basically about HAB but nothing really bad enough to delete it. 

sweetcheeks --- 5 years ago -

My passion party topic was deleted too so it looks like an empty thread :/ 

LuvVsPink --- 5 years ago -

Is the PU butt hurt now lol? Whats goin on you mean mean woman! I keed I keed ;). 

LuvVsPink --- 5 years ago -

Ive never been to a passions party, are they fun?! 

scentastic --- 5 years ago -

passion parties are a blast!! I am going to host another one! 

sweetcheeks --- 5 years ago -

Yes food alcohol & games ;) then products!! Anyone is welcome to come 

Poe --- 5 years ago -

What happened to HAB? 

MY2BoysRmyLIFE --- 5 years ago -

Maybe she got tired of everyone dumping on her all the time. 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 5 years ago -

What happened to HAB?
Someone said she obliterated but than she came back with a new account to dispute some things being said about her. The whole thread was deleted. 

Miley Ann --- 5 years ago -

Dumping on her? LMAO!!! Like taking a dump on her? 

LuvVsPink --- 5 years ago -

Passion party!.....who is HAB? 

shizzlemydizzle --- 5 years ago -


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