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The home goods store...

who's talking here?

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KansasPrincess --- 7 years ago -

If you have been there what is the pricing like? I don't want to drive all the way to Encinitas with my toddler just to see if there stuff is my budget. I am redecorating and have already bought and checked out stuff at Pier 1, Kirklands, and Target. If anyone knows of another place similar that has nice home decor I'd love to hear about it.


Calimommy --- 7 years ago -

I got a ton of stuff there for cheap. It's a ton of expensive and non expensive things. Very nice range and I think it is worth it. Let us know how it goes. I don't have one where I live now, I miss it! 

Mandy May --- 7 years ago -

I love this store. I go here first when I am looking to buy something new for my home. The only issue I have with it is not havering enough money to buy everything I " want" when I go lol. Nice thing there. 

Fuego --- 7 years ago -

Is the Home Goods store in Temecula closer? Here is the Address/Location 

AZbound --- 7 years ago -

There's a brand new one down here in San Diego too....around Midway and Rosecrans.
It's a great store. Worth the trip! 

Calimommy --- 7 years ago -


JAV87 --- 7 years ago -

Their pricing is similar to TJ Maxx, maybe a little more like Marshalls.

I have noticed especially around here Marshalls, Tj Maxx, and Ross all carry similar items and often the exact same items. If you have time to shop around, Ross is the cheapest, with Tj Maxx next. I love homegoods, some items are priced really well, some are a bit high. 

Momma2Fur --- 7 years ago -

Love Home Goods! 

DocsWife --- 7 years ago -

Encinitas is much closer than Temecula and San Diego from Oceanside, it's like 10 miles past Carlsbad. 

JediMommy --- 7 years ago -

I used to go to Tuesday morning near the dollar store. They have a little of everything. The store is a little messy but its def worth looking. 

Life expansions --- 7 years ago -

Marshalls, Tj Maxx, and Ross all carry similar items

They do carry alot of the same products, Home Goods actually has a better quality. I have seen items in their store that I have purchased from Pottery Barn and Z Gallerie. 

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