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Ultrasound place is costa Mesa...

who's talking here?

Allison 1
pandamanda0719 3
EastCoastChik 2
Pulga 1
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pandamanda0719 --- 6 years ago -

I read some old threads about some of you ladies going there and paying $25 to do an ultrasound to find out baby's gender.. Thinking of going there.. How early did they did they do your ultrasound? I will be 15 1/2 wks and hoping to find out out the sex! We are PCSing to VA and idk when I will be able to get my anatomy scan done once we get settelted in VA. 

Pulga --- 6 years ago -

You can get one done in San Marcos.. 

DramaLlamasMomma --- 6 years ago -

We went at 16 weeks. to Ultrasound Me in Costa Mesa. They can do it as early as 14 weeks! 

Allison --- 6 years ago -

We went at 16 weeks. to Ultrasound Me in Costa Mesa. They can do it as early as 14 weeks!

We went there as well for $25 at 14 1/2 weeks and found out! i'd go back it was very nice and big room to take friends and family :-) extra 5 or 10 to get the CD of all the pictures they get. 

EastCoastChik --- 6 years ago -

I went to ultrasoundme in costa mesa at 13 weeks and 2 of my friends went they were dead on :-) 

pandamanda0719 --- 6 years ago -

Awesome! Thanks I was a little worried about them being able to see the gender at 15 1/2 wks... But we are leaving, and I will have to switch over and find a doc schedule an appt, so idk how long it will be before I go back.. I'm going to the dr here right before we leave! I'm sooo anxious to find out the sex! We have 2 boys, and I've alway wanted Boy Boy Girl Boy.. So obviously hoping for a girl!! But after my miscarriage I honestly just want a healthy baby!! 

EastCoastChik --- 6 years ago -

What part of va are ya goin? Im from va beach and loved my dr there. So much that im movin back before my baby is due to deliver with them again :-) 

pandamanda0719 --- 6 years ago -

Quantico :(
I've been up north once, to MD.. It snowed the entire time and I never left my hotel room...
I'm freaking about moving there.. ESP bc we have no place to live! 

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