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Stuart Mesa Sunday Paper!

who's talking here?

KnightRider 1
Kiko 2

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Kiko --- 7 years ago -

I think we got a Sunday paper stealer! I paid for my paper and would like to have it! Keep an eye out for a neighbor will ya ;) 

HMDT --- 7 years ago -

Mine gets stolen too!!! Pricks... 

KnightRider --- 7 years ago -

I live in Santa margarita and if by newspaper wasn't being stolen it was just my coupons and I only get the Sunday paper for the coupons haha. So I called the newspaper and asked if they could deliver it to my door instead and I haven't had an issue since :) 

Kiko --- 7 years ago -

I only get the sunday paper for coupons as well. I will give it a shot and give them a call! thanks! 

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