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Corpus Christi

who's talking here?

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Lil 05 --- 10 years ago -

Any information would be greatly appreciated. We are thinking about moving there. Anybody from there that can give me some useful insights? 

Maleficent --- 10 years ago -

I am from Houston and have been to Corpus many times. Having grown up with a beach like Galveston, Corpus is BEAUTIFUL! But coming from California I don't know if you will feel the same way. lol I know I was disappointed with every beach I saw after living in Hawaii. I don't have much else though. Sorry! Good luck! 

TexasMommy --- 10 years ago -

I would look into living in Portland which is about 15 min from Corpus. Better school district, less crime. Some areas in Corpus are not great at all. 

TexasSkinny --- 10 years ago -

I lived in Corpus Christi for 3 years I didn't like it. I love San Antonio better. Now My husband loved Corpus Christi because he loves to fish and he did it just about everyday when we lived there. But I agree with Meeh the beaches here are more beautiful then Corpus and you can't compare. 

nictx710 --- 10 years ago -

corpus is alright. im from san antonio, and its a nice like weekend trip to g o fishing but idk if id wanna live there, id definitly look into smaller surrounding towns. 

Lil 05 --- 10 years ago -

Our 1st choice is San Antonio, but with my husband retiring, we might have to go with where the pay is most. Right now for his job, that's Corpus. I much rather stay here in Cali. I'm born and raised. Love it here! 

txbelle --- 10 years ago -

My dad lived in Corpus for several years (I would never leave fort worth haha) but they hated it there. Its very industrial looking. The only thing my dad enjoyed was the fishing other than that it was not enjoyable. Not a whole lot to do there. They now live in a suburb of Houston and love it. 

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