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Surfside animal hospital

who's talking here?

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emknickerbocker --- 7 years ago -

Good Morning everybody,
My husband and I just found the perfect(for us) dog, and I've been doing some research on vets in the area. Has anyone ever used Surfside animal hospital, adn if so what where your experiences like there? Or if anybody has a vet that they love in Oceanside close to the South Gate I'd be interested to hear about it. Thanks again ladies(and gents)


Lula Belle --- 7 years ago -

We loved surfside, the only problem we had was right after I made the appointment I called back to change it, well they told me the date they changed it to and they told me the wrong date. No biggie just a little extra waiting for us when we got there. 

USMCFunSize --- 7 years ago -

We have taken our kitty to Surfside. I thought they were a wonderful. They were very kind to us and the vet was gentle with my cat. He explained all of our options thoroughly and answer all of my questions, which is what I appreciated the most. 

puppylove --- 7 years ago -

I love them. If we were still in the area we would go there. 

TexasMommy --- 7 years ago -

I love them! They give military discount and price match for their vaccinations. They are extremely helpful and nice and great with my two pups. Ive had two emergencies with my dog and was able to take him in immediately. 

unexpectedlyExpecting --- 7 years ago -


unexpectedlyExpecting --- 7 years ago -

^ I dunno what happened there, anyway I was trying to say Surfside is great and I can't say enough good things about them!! 

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