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Good realtors?

who's talking here?

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GardenWitch --- 6 years ago -

Orders are finally in!!

We want to buy out in Temecula, I have literally 100 houses saved on a list already....Yikes!

So who's a good realtor you have done business with (or not so good so we don't deal with them) Some of the houses are short sale and I know those take awhile. 

Liz~*Celebrating Home *~ --- 6 years ago -

We have done business with Tammy and Cory Barbee. The website is click me and you can get in contact with them that way. They are awesome and still help us with things and referrals 4 yrs later :) 

puppylove --- 6 years ago -

If you have USAA you can use their mover's advantage program you will get money back when your house closes. We are currently using them to buy a house and they are amazing our realtor is great however we are buying in MN so she wont be of any help. But all the realtors in their program go through special training and have to have good reviews otherwise they get dropped. Good luck.

Also homes for heros is a program that finds you a realtor and then they also help lower cost like realtor fees, and closing fees and such. A friend of mine is currently using them and loves them. 

Maureen --- 6 years ago -

Randy and Jacqueline Vance are AMAZING! Randy is retired Air Force so he understands all of the VA stuff. They were amazing while we were searching for houses, during the buying process, and now that we are prepping to sell, they are still helping us.

One of their sites is and the other is

We were so lucky to have found them rather than a realtor that would screw us over. 

HCW Honey --- 6 years ago -

Frank Galante Associates Inc.
Broker #01126020
Board of Director SRCAR Board of Realtors
REOMAC, NAHREP, YPN, certified HAFA specialist.
email –
Web site – 

GardenWitch --- 6 years ago -

Thanks for the responses! I didn't know about the Homes for Heroes helping regular military, I thought it was just wounded warriors and such.

Keep them coming! I'm totally lost doing this from 3000 miles away, but I want to be in a house by the time he checks in, he'll probably be leaving shortly after :-(

Do I need a broker too? Or does the realtor do all that? Or find someone who's a broker/realtor? 

Liz~*Celebrating Home *~ --- 6 years ago -

Your realtor should have a broker working with them or know of one. Ours did. I worked with mine when we were still in NC and were awesome about everything and they were honest about things looking off or how much it would cost to fix and so on. Good luck with your search! 

Momma2Fur --- 6 years ago -

link title

Best person hands down. Works super hard, is persistent and very honest and upfront with her clients. In house broker (and they are awesome too). Just made the whole process super simple for our first time buyer. We used VA and a short sale and she just knew everything to get the job done without hassle. 

LauraLee --- 6 years ago -

We used John Sini with Coldwell Banker when we bought here in Murrieta in August.

Him and his wife are both retired Marines and they've been in this area for 10+ years. Very down to earth and straight forward. he works with Kim England at Inland Valley Loans to get the mortgage part of it together. Kim is very experienced in VA loans and works her butt off to get the paperwork handled quickly and correctly.

Good luck with your search. I love it up here. Best decision our family could have made!! :) 

GardenWitch --- 6 years ago -

Ex and I had a house built out there in 93, so the process was a bit different, plus we were RIGHT there to see the whole thing going up.

What they have to offer us on base isn't worth his BAH that's for sure. 

Liz~*Celebrating Home *~ --- 6 years ago -

We bought out house in Oceanside and dont mind it one bit. We looked at houses in Temecula, but the drive was too long for my hubby. 

GardenWitch --- 6 years ago -

He's going to be working near the Fallbrook gate on mainside, so Temecula/outer Fallbrook is fine as far as his commute. 

Alanna --- 6 years ago -

Bree Meloan is awesome. She works for Caldwell Banker. Her number is 949-412-8686. She lives in Murrieta so she is very familiar with the area. 

surrels --- 6 years ago -

Do not go with Tammy Barbee!

When and if you do get a home make sure you go to the Riverside County website and apply for all the exemptions that you qualify for. For example like the one you get for simply being a home owner and living in that home. 

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