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Where can i find

who's talking here?

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Poe --- 11 years ago -

A large dry erase calander white board thingy? I looked at Walmart, Ross, and Target. 

Calimommy --- 11 years ago -

Maybe Bed Bath and Beyond? 

julie --- 11 years ago -

i think staples has them. 

flaFF --- 11 years ago -

office depot office max. 

SoonToBeJD --- 11 years ago -

I got mine at Target... 

Poe --- 11 years ago -

Thanks I don't know why I didn't think of an office supply place! 

Braydens Mommy --- 11 years ago -

There's one for $5 on PYS 

IamtheWalrus --- 11 years ago -

Target on el camino does. It's by the cards.. 

saywhat?! --- 11 years ago -

I got mine at Target too. Maybe Michaels would have one? 

MaliceInWonderland --- 11 years ago -

Target, at least that's where I got one. 

Toodles --- 11 years ago -

Got ours at Michael's. Check to see if they have ads with coupons or if you have one. 

Murph --- 11 years ago -

I got mine at Target :) 

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