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Cooks.. does this sound ok?

who's talking here?

saywhat?! 1
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DramaLlamasMomma --- 11 years ago -

I want to make some kind of cheesy chicken casserole for dinner. I bought a rotisserie chicken, some egg noodles, and velveeta. I found a recipe that adds a pack of onion soup and a can of cream of chicken soup. Does this sound good? I was going to add some crumbled ritz on top and bake at 350* for 30 min (after boiling the noodles). I can't really find a good recipe online so I'm kind of making it up.

My dh won't eat vegetables so I can't add anything else to the casserole. 

panda soup --- 11 years ago -

That sounds pretty good to me! But I wold also add cream of mushroom- it's my new secret ingredient after using it in this recipe. It's kind of similar to what you got going on.

Chicken Tetrazzini

I followed most of the tips from the first reviewer- especially doing one can cream of chicken and one can cream of mushroom, and cooking the noodles in the chicken broth-yum! But you got a cooked chicken, so yeah... This recipe is definately worth trying in the future! 

DramaLlamasMomma --- 11 years ago -

Ok, good! I would add the cream of mushroom but I had an "incident" (lol) with it about 8 years ago and I've never been able to eat it since.. :( 

panda soup --- 11 years ago -

lol You know it's a good story when someone puts "incident" in parentheses... 

saywhat?! --- 11 years ago -

Easy recipe -

1 box penne pasta
2 boneless skinless chicken breasts -boil
until cook thoroughly..then shred it or
cube it up
1 can cream of chicken
1 can cream of mushroom (I know you said
you don't like it but you would never
know it's in there I promise!)
16oz Velveeta cubed
* Optional - 1 can sliced mushrooms, drained

All you do is cook your chicken in boiling water....while that is cooking you put the cubed velveeta, canned soup, and mushrooms in a skillet and turn on medium heat. The recipe doesn't call for any liquid, but I always add a little water to thin it. Once the chicken is cooked thoroughly you cube it or shred it and add it to the mixture in the skillet. Use the leftover water and boil the entire box of pasta until al dente. Once it's done drain the noodles and add it to the sauce. Stir it until noodles are covered. You can use any type of pasta you prefer I just like penne best. It's easy as hell. Voila - Chicken Spaghetti. 

ALEM --- 11 years ago -

1 package of stew veggies
1 package of chopped peppers
4 chicken breasts
1 can of chedder cheese soup
3/4 c. of beer(recipe said pale ale but i used a can of miller light)
bacon bits
garlic powder
onion powder

in crockpot layer from the bottom up:
veggie mix
(season chicken with garlic and onion powder and salt)
mix beer, cheese and bacon ( i didn't read the recipe so i just put the cheese soup on the chicken, then poured the beer over and toped with bacon bits.
cook on low until done( i did high for 5.5 hours) 

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