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Official ssgt list has been post on

who's talking here?

*All Smiles* 2
B*Bright 2
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usmcwife3084 1
MrsFear 1
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Living4OurTriplets2 2
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whatevergirl2 --- 6 years ago -

This shouldn't get deleted because it has been made public officially!


MrsFear --- 6 years ago -

Just out of curiosity can someone please explain to me the whole zone thing? I just can't grasp it lol 

YourMoM --- 6 years ago -


YourMoM --- 6 years ago -


Living4OurTriplets2 --- 6 years ago -

YEA BABY!!!!!!! time to celebrate!!! 

usmcwife3084 --- 6 years ago -

I have a question. My husband is getting promoted to SGT next month. But the 1st is on a saturday. So will he get promoted on the 30th or the 3rd? Just wondering because he's never gotten promoted with the 1st falling on a weekend. Thanks!! 

ItchyWitch --- 6 years ago -

the 3rd 

laneys mommy --- 6 years ago -

MrsFear....there is a below Zone, In Zone, and above Zone. The In Zone is where Marines commonly pick up at and the Zone the Marine Corps promotes the most from. The Marine Corps sets dates for each zone. The first set of dates are the most common and its based on when you picked up Sgt. For example my husband should be in the Gunny Zone next year. (works the same way). The In zone will list a set of dates and if you picked up staff within those dates you'll be in the Gunny zone. Last year he missed the In Zone by a day and was in the below zone dates.

A few Marines are selected from the below and above zone. 

B*Bright --- 6 years ago -

Can someone tell me what these stand for.... IMOS/SRNO/MCC

I know the IMOS one, but what are the other 2?? Its the list of numbers or whatever next to the persons name...

Oh and WOOT WOOT* to all the new SSGT's! One of my hubbies friends made the list! 

*All Smiles* --- 6 years ago -

One is their promotion number, the other is their command number. don't know the technical terms for either, but that's what they 

Living4OurTriplets2 --- 6 years ago -

my hubbys is 3381/1184/15b first is his MOS second looks to be his day and year of birth and i have no idea what the 15b is 

*All Smiles* --- 6 years ago -

Triplets see my post above. :) 

B*Bright --- 6 years ago -

Thanks Allsmiles! 

CivMP --- 6 years ago -

15B is the unit designation 

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