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morning sickness quest..

who's talking here?

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B*Bright 1
laneys mommy 1
*Pinklala* 1
Mrs T Goin to Jail 1
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vnessa --- 7 years ago -

Im pregnant :)
But i had to stop working because my morning sickness last all day :/ what methods do you guys think are good to stop morning sickness? 

*Pinklala* --- 7 years ago -

Ginger ale and saltine crackers worked for me! 

Mrs.Mommy --- 7 years ago -

ANYTHING lemon would kick it 

ALEM --- 7 years ago -

Coke & fruit loops along with zofran and sea bands 

Doo Schnugget --- 7 years ago -

preggo pops really helped me. Things with ginger in it and eat small meals throughout the day, never let your stomach get completely empty. 

vnessa --- 7 years ago -

Thanks for the help! I tried crakers but dont work :/ im trying the sea bands now... i cant wait till i have the baby lol 

Doo Schnugget --- 7 years ago -

lol after you have it you'll be wishing you were still pregnant! haha 

vnessa --- 7 years ago -

Sleepless nights, no more going out!
I just hope to be a great mom :) 

B*Bright --- 7 years ago -

with my first pregnancy I used a compounded prescription from my doctor here in Oklahoma...It was vitamin B6 and Doxylamine. Compounded means they basically crushed it up and mixed it then put it inside a capsule...Something like that...LOL. Anywho, for my 2nd pregnancy I got morning sickness before I could get to the doctor so I just went to walmart and bought some vitamin b6 and unisom (with doxylamine as the active drug). When I got to my doctors appointment they said it was okay to keep taking that as needed but that if I wanted they would give me zofran. I took the zofran and it barely worked compared to the first option.

I LOVED using B6 & Dox for my morning sickness. It was the only thing that worked for me. Well, the zofran worked if I had a light case of MS but mostly I used the other stuff. Definitely talk to your doctor about it before you use it, but i swear by it. LOL. 

Mrs T Goin to Jail --- 7 years ago -

Nothing but Zofran and lots of sleep! 

laneys mommy --- 7 years ago -

Nothing! And it was liquids that made me vomit. I lived on icees and IVs. They say ginger helps but it didn't for me. 

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