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Dinner 9/1/11

who's talking here?

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EvilNastyandMean 2
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EvilNastyandMean --- 12 years ago -

Cant believe its September anyways, what's for dinner tonight? I am making Bacon Ranch Chicken in the crockpot, and it is smelling so good! 

HMDT --- 12 years ago -

pork chops with a red wine sauce and mashed potatoes. 

flaFF --- 12 years ago -

Flank steak, spinach garbanzos, sauteed red bell peppers, and some mashy daters for the youngins. 

DocsWife --- 12 years ago -

I'm going with my husband's whole floor (he works at the NH) to the Pala buffet. When I agreed I thought it was like Vegas, with $7-$8 dinner buffets...this one is $20 :( 

MissMaggy --- 12 years ago -

Some type of casserole with hamburger I think. Idk, dinner is a long way away lol 

EvilNastyandMean --- 12 years ago -

I love the Pala Buffett, its worth the money in my opinion. Have fun! 

SecretSquirrel --- 12 years ago -

Just tacos, taco salad for me. 

HMDT --- 12 years ago -

ust tacos, taco salad for me. 

hell, taco's sound hella good too!! 

MisssChefff --- 12 years ago -

if my hubby doesnt buy his CBR then i get to go out to dinner w him :) otherwise, ill prob make steak with a peppercorn sauce and some grilled veggies 

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