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Dysfunctional family POLL

who's talking here?

Kristin 1
*All Smiles* 1
sweetcheeks 5
B*Bright 1
christinmarie88 1
LakerGirl 2
BaylesObedience 1
Samantha 1
Housewife Say What 1
EvilNastyandMean 1
Mrs T Goin to Jail 1
Jack Hass 1
Momzilla 1
Vod Kaknockers 2
LLLong12 1
MisssChefff 1
CluelessWonder 1
ooorah69P 1
Doo Schnugget 3
DorothyMantooth 1
Kaisully 1
TexasWife1087 1
AnonymousWife 1
Mesaboo 1

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Dysfunctional family POLL

Do you have one? Not you, husband/wife or kids...I put other you may explain if you like.

yes Vote
 81.6% (62)
no Vote
 14.5% (11)
other Vote
 3.9% (3)
sweetcheeks --- 7 years ago -

Do you have one? Not you, husband/wife or kids...I put other you may explain if you like. 

ALEM --- 7 years ago -

Don't get me started on my jackarse uncle and part of my inlaw side. 

sweetcheeks --- 7 years ago -

lol Yeah I could tell some stories 

CluelessWonder --- 7 years ago -

Family secrets and all that jazz 

Jack Hass --- 7 years ago -

There are a few people we don't claim on my moms side. My husbands family is all up in each others kool-aid. No thank you. 

Mrs T Goin to Jail --- 7 years ago -

Dysfunctional is an understatement. -.- lol 

TexasWife1087 --- 7 years ago -


yep lots of family drama including lying, cheating, drug running, etc and some jail time on my dads part(probation violation) and lots of bad stuff with my "wonderful" cousins i think everyone in the world is dysfunctional to a certain point lol 

sweetcheeks --- 7 years ago -

yeah my mom (I don't speak to her anymore)Started dating who I thought was my best friend. 

*All Smiles* --- 7 years ago -

Thankfully no. Both of our families are pretty darn normal and all get along well. 

Doo Schnugget --- 7 years ago -

I think the definition of dysfunction is very different from one person to the next. But yeah my family is completely and totally screwed up. Redneck backwards arse 8th grade educated no jobs on welfare on drugs prison time kinda screwed up. 

sweetcheeks --- 7 years ago -

Thankfully no. Both of our families are pretty darn normal and all get along well

must be nice :) 

Doo Schnugget --- 7 years ago -

My husbands family is what I consider totally normal. his mom is a little anti social and weird and they keep secrets from his grandma a lot, but that's just normal stuff IMO. 

MisssChefff --- 7 years ago -

Mine are like little high schoolers running around mom just got her belly button pierced... 

DorothyMantooth --- 7 years ago -

My parents are crazy(my dad thinks the CIA is out to get him). My grandparents are hoarders...and thats just the tip of the iceberg. 

LLLong12 --- 7 years ago -

My family is really close and perfectly normal. Hubby's family has a few winners though. 

Samantha --- 7 years ago -

My in laws are the definition of dysfunctional 

ooorah69P --- 7 years ago -

My Dad's side...LOSERS. Alcohol, drugs, jail time, you name it. Not to mention they're all too stubborn to die at an early age. Drink like fishes and smoke and drugs constantly. Have never really had anything to do with them. 

LakerGirl --- 7 years ago -

My family is really close and perfectly normal.

Same here. I'm very blessed. 

Kaisully --- 7 years ago -

thankfuly i come from a pretty dang straight-forward, put together, succesful family on both sides. If theres a black sheep, its me for dropping college and missionary school to elope and marry a marine in san diego. 

Vod Kaknockers --- 7 years ago -

My family is so jacked it is unreal. I have 3 step sisters, 1 adoptive sister, 1 half sister, and 1 half brother. My dad isn't my real father (don't know who my real father is), my step mom was more of a mother than my real mother. My dad got custody of my adoptive sister, half sister, half brother, and me even though none of us are biologically his children, but if you ask him he has 7 kids. My real mother told my dad (during custody battles) that if she could keep my brother she would let him have the 3 girls. He never agreed but told her to sign the papers, then told her he would see her in court for his son. My real mother's brother decided he didn't like the arrangement and kidnapped us for 3 weeks. My real mother slept with my dad's uncle, and my dad's best friend While she was married to my dad.

There is so much more, I should write a novel. 

Momzilla --- 7 years ago -

There's not enough space in the interwebz to catalog all the dysfunction in my family. I am estranged from them all except my sister. I left home at 14 and was emancipated at 15 to get away from them 

sweetcheeks --- 7 years ago -

Do any of the people with dysfunctional families still keep in contact or did u cut it off? 

EvilNastyandMean --- 7 years ago -

Trust me, it could be worse, Your mom could also think that she was abducted by aliens! 

Vod Kaknockers --- 7 years ago -

Do any of the people with dysfunctional hankies still keep in contact or did u cut it off?

I keep in contact with most of my siblings. There are 2 that I would rather not speak to, but they call when they want money. I talk to my step mom and my dad, my real mother calls me from time to time but I will not call her. 90% of my extended family I don't talk to. 

Mesaboo --- 7 years ago -

My family on my mom's side is horrible. They weren't in our lives for YEARS. Anytime there's trouble, they show up, and not for good reasons, only to blast it. I hate them.. 

B*Bright --- 7 years ago -

Compared to some of these posts above my family is starting to sound normal. LOL. 

Kristin --- 7 years ago -

Both our families are so normal it's scary. 

Doo Schnugget --- 7 years ago -

Lol.. I don't stay in contact with anyone but my dad and sister. My brother is in prison but last time he was out he was sleeping with my mom's cousin. My moms whole side of the family is alcoholics, chainsmokers, jobless idiots. One of them is a schizophrenic and more than one is a registered sex offender. 

christinmarie88 --- 7 years ago -

I don't talk to my parents because my dad is abusive to my siblings and was to me and my mom allows it to happen, in fact she even agrees with and defends how he is. They are also really selfish people and cared more about fixing a house they'd eventually own than seeing their own grandson and letting the house sell so that the money could go toward my grandpa's alzheimer's care. My uncle went off the deep end once my aunt died of cancer...hookers, wearing wigs that looked like my hair, buying movado watches, dating women in correctional facilities, and even smuggling drugs across the he lives in his car and sells pencils for money. It makes me really sad that my uncle was so devastated by my aunt's death that he literally lost it. 

BaylesObedience --- 7 years ago -

Dysfunctional is an understatement. -.- lol


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