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Stripping Membranes

who's talking here?

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*~Always Faithful~* --- 7 years ago -

Pregnancy ?
Has anyone had there membranes stripped?! If so how long until you went into labor after!? 

meli --- 7 years ago -

I did with my daughter.. I still had to be induced =/ 

grantsmommy --- 7 years ago -

got mine stripped last friday and still nothing! just losing pieces of regenerated mucus plug everyday since then 

AnonymousWife --- 7 years ago -

Yes, and never went into labor. 

Northernpeach --- 7 years ago -

I did 4 times and it never worked 

kelly --- 7 years ago -

I went into labor within hours of having mine stripped, but I know many people that went at least another week. 

Maddies Mom --- 7 years ago -

They did mine when I was induced and OMG was it painful. The midwife did it. 

TanyaB --- 7 years ago -

I went into labor the next day with both my kids after having my membranes stripped 

Green Chick --- 7 years ago -

I did 4 times and it never worked

Momwith4kids --- 7 years ago -

I had mine done twice with baby #3, and baby didn't come until 2 weeks or so later. And it's alot of pressure having it done! 

*~Always Faithful~* --- 7 years ago -

Okay thanks ladies!!! Ive been having terrible contractions and my OB said if I dont have my baby this weekend she will strip my membranes on monday! 

DocsWife --- 7 years ago -

I did with my first and my water broke 3 days later but I didn't ever contract and the pitocin wouldn't work so I had to have a c-section. 

MommasBG --- 7 years ago -

have an orgasm ;) it works 

Scrappy --- 7 years ago -

all four times it didnt do crap. If your body isnt ready for labor nothing will work so in my opinion its pointless and painful. 

TexasMommy --- 7 years ago -

They stripped mine on the 3rd, and a friend recommended to go home afterwards and use a breast pump on each breast for like 30min. Woke up at 2 the next morning in full labor, although I was 2 days past my due date. 

littlesilverheart --- 7 years ago -

my water broke three hours after! 

Rocketmama --- 7 years ago -

With my second, I was 41 weeks exactly. The midwife stripped them, I sat an hour for a non-stress and had to contractions during that. One hour later I was it active labor. When she stripped them though I was already almost 4cm but no contractions. 

Nyki --- 7 years ago -

i had mine done with my daughter took two days to actually work. but it did the job. 

LullabiesButterflies --- 7 years ago -

I had mine done on my due date, went in to labor the next day, and my daughter was here the day after. 

mrsdrew --- 7 years ago -

let's see...
Baby #2 membranes stripped at 37 weeks then stripped again at 40 weeks and my son was born 2 days later.
Baby #3 membranes stripped at 39 weeks and he was born the next night. 

☆.bright eyes.☆ --- 7 years ago -

have an orgasm ;) it works

lies! all lies!!! Nothing works!! lol

I had mine stripped at 37 weeks, I was 1 cm....nothing.

Then I had them stripped again at 40 wks, and this time it was rather painful...I was 2 cm, and nothing.

I got induced at 41 wks. 

Kariane2 --- 7 years ago -

Had them stripped at my 36wk appt.. Water started leaking 2 days later. 

lovin u --- 7 years ago -

I had it done with two or my kids... the second one.. I was contracting before I even left the hospital and he was delivered 5 hrs later... and then with my third... again started contracting immediately... then they stopped then I woke up and he was delivered a few hours later. 

shesfromthevalley --- 7 years ago -

I had it done twice with my daughter. Once at 38 weeks and it didn't do anything. Then I had it done again the day before 40 weeks and my doctor went to town! Holy cow it hurt. But I did go into labor the next morning. 

Charli Transue Photo --- 7 years ago -

I did. My water broke 36 hours later to the minute. I swear by it! 

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