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Free steak dinner

who's talking here?

Donny 1
Giggle Butt 2
Vanbam 1
Hokey*Pokey 1
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Maddies Mom 1
SuKitty 2
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APPLE --- 7 years ago -

Has everyone signed up? if this was already posted just delet please. Just trying to share! 

APPLE --- 7 years ago -

To the top! 

Giggle Butt --- 7 years ago - 

vw09 --- 7 years ago -

did anyone ACTUALLY get one or is it a scam and they're just giving out the 5 bucks coupon? 

Hokey*Pokey --- 7 years ago -

my friend got free for her and her husband 

Donny --- 7 years ago -

It's like any other "promotion". Go and only order water with your free meal as soon as you start ordering drinks or other items they have made their money back on the free meal with their 200% mark-ups and profited from it.

Companies aren't in the business of losing money, nothing is free. 

YOU MAD BRO --- 7 years ago -

I got a free steak! lol it says my voucher will be in the mail and i will get it in 4 weeks... lol... but it only let me pick the one all the way in san diego.. so it will be a drive lol 

DocsWife --- 7 years ago -

I got one at the one on vista way :) 

Giggle Butt --- 7 years ago -

It was on TV. They're sending out vouchers in the mail. 

YOU MAD BRO --- 7 years ago -

the one they had me choose (the only option) is an hour and 20minutes from my house!!! WTF!! Probably not even worth the damn drive lol 

vw09 --- 7 years ago -

got one for Oceanside. 

Macy --- 7 years ago -

Got one for Laguna Hills. =) 

Vanbam --- 7 years ago -

i got one for Foothill because we can do dinner then a movie and drop the kids at my moms house :) lol 

SuKitty --- 7 years ago -

I got one for Oceanside! 

YoursTruly --- 7 years ago -

i got the one on vista way! 

Smile --- 7 years ago -

I only have a save $5 for two entrĂ©es coupon :/ 

SuKitty --- 7 years ago -

I hope it's not a scam to get our addresses & emails. Did anyone read the "terms & conditions"? lol 

Maddies Mom --- 7 years ago -

Got mine for Oceanside 

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