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Ink Pen Cammies

who's talking here?

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Green Chick --- 7 years ago -

So my husband left a pen in his pocket and it exploded on his good set of cammies. Of course. I know I can google a remedy, but I thought I would just ask if there is something you guys have tried that works for sure.

Unfortunately he didn't catch it until he had dried them :/ 

LakerGirl --- 7 years ago -

I know my husband has gotten ink stains out with Oxy-Clean. That stuff takes pretty much everything out. 

Crystal K --- 7 years ago -

Tide Stain Remover works wonders, too. I've never tried ink stains, but it got set in red wine out of my niece's white shorts. Just soak it for a few days in water and the stain remover stuff. 

MylilZombie --- 7 years ago -

i've used hair spray to get ink out i had to do it more than once but it was cause it wasnt until after the cammies were dried that i saw the ink stains 

MasonsMommy --- 7 years ago -

ahhh my husband did the same thing. With a permanent marker. I used hair spray and nail polish remover and let it soak in burning hot water for a few hours. I had to scrub it a few times but it sure did come out. 

<3livelaughlove<3 --- 7 years ago -

try a can of coke. the acid usually eats it away 

mmjiajia33gmailcom --- 2 years ago -

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