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DOC band (baby helmet)

who's talking here?

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Patricks mommy --- 8 years ago -

I am reaching out to anyone who can help. We are going to be getting out 6 month old son a helmet for his head shape. We have been referred to a couple places but tricare won't cover the helmet is what we've been told. If anyone has gotten their child one or knows information about it or the best place for me to get info on getting it covered it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

Trace --- 8 years ago -

I know of people who have gotten the doc band. Tricare did not cover it for them since they consider it cosmetic. They were able to get a loan from nmcrs for part of it and I think they did a fundraiser for the rest. I hear to company that makes doc band has a military discount too. 

Braydens Mommy --- 8 years ago -

We used Cranial Tech in San Diego. I highly recommend them. I loved everything about them...loved the way they treated my son as well. They are expensive though...I think we paid $2,000 or $3,000 for my son's. They let you make payments on it for a few months if you ask them. 

EvilNastyandMean --- 8 years ago -

WE used Cranial Tech also for my daughter about 6 yrs ago. Then it cost us 1500.00. Tricare did not pay for it because they said it was for cosmetic use? WHAT???!!! Really?? anyways, it was well worth the money, and the people there are awesome! Good luck. I remember Ashley had gotten hers a week before Halloween and some dumb guy came up and asked if she was a football player for Halloween. And be prepared because the helmets get pretty stinky! I think we used to wipe ours down with alcohol everynight for the hour that she had it off. They also get used to the helmet pretty quickly! 

Patricks mommy --- 8 years ago -

ladies thank you so much I really appreciate the help. Cranial tech is one of the places they recomended to us so I'm glad to hear it was a good choice! now I will be more prepared as to what I'm getting in to! :-) 

marina wife --- 8 years ago -


20160312caihuali --- 3 years ago -

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