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Lost dog south mesa1

who's talking here?

yvette 6
Sarah Sparkles 1
laneys mommy 1
jeannie 1
southernheart88 1

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DESERIE --- 12 years ago -

lost toy poodle in south mesa 1....please let me know if you have seen her... 

yvette --- 12 years ago -

Please if anyone sees her...shes small, blk, with a pink collar & bell. Had a sitter over who let the dog out. Please pm 

Sarah Sparkles --- 12 years ago -

I'll keep an eye out!! I hope you find her. 

yvette --- 12 years ago -

Me too, im beyond pissed that the sitter told me she let her out and forgot about her and she didnt know what she was thinking. 

southernheart88 --- 12 years ago -

Going on my morning walk hopefully I see her 

yvette --- 12 years ago -

Thank u. The sitter said she had let her out about 130 pm yesterday after noon, my husband looked off and on till 1 am, no ones turned her in to the shelter. Im going to do flyers today :( 

yvette --- 12 years ago -


laneys mommy --- 12 years ago -

we'll keep our eyes out for her. :-( 

yvette --- 12 years ago -

On way to post up reward flyers :( if any one sees her....PLEASE PLEASE pm me. Im so angry at the sittter & yet I know theres nothing I can do but look. 

jeannie --- 12 years ago -

what part in south mesa 1? i'm in south mesa 1 as well, i'll keep an eye out 

yvette --- 12 years ago -

SHES BEEN FOUND!!!! They will bring her tomorrow morning. Oh man, now to take down all the flyers :) 

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