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I joined this crazy place on 2009-11-22, 13 years ago.

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does anyone know? - 12 years ago

[i]cheap and san clamente dont go[/i] =) I agree! It's beautiful there, but very expensive!!

Lose 1/2 of a dress size for the 1/2 the price, before your Ball!!! - 12 years ago

Haha CC.. Get motivated! =) He's good and could make it easy for ya! I'm doin well.. Finishing up all our last minute moving stuff. Fun fun! And thanks for the heads up.. I'll make sure to keep him lo...

Lose 1/2 of a dress size for the 1/2 the price, before your Ball!!! - 12 years ago

I would totally sign up if we weren't moving in a few days =) For all the other ladies out there.. Rich knows his stuff! And has very nice prices!!

POLL: Marriage Counseling. - 12 years ago

[i]Not always true, we went to marriage counseling almost 4 years ago and since finishing counseling everything is better, yeah we still have our arguments but it is nothing like it use to be. We actu...

IM SO EXCITED!! - 12 years ago

We leave on tuesday to head to Okinawa! At first everything is super stressful. But you hubs will have to set almost everything up. You will more than likely have to go back and forth between place...

Old Directv Customers (Rantish) - 12 years ago

Thanks so much for everyone's help =) Just gonna see what housing says, and if it's a gonna be a big prob, we'll just toss it. But thanks so much for the advice and input!

Old Directv Customers (Rantish) - 12 years ago

[i]WOW seriously?!?! LOL tell him to watch the news.. they had a tsuanmi (sp) warning couple days ago for ALL of Okinawa [/i] Haha, I was getting to mad! Then to have to next rep so "that sucks f...

Old Directv Customers (Rantish) - 12 years ago

[i]I'm confused...Don't you own the dish and all the equipment with Directv or is it that since you are canceling early due to orders they want the equipment back because you didn't complete your cont...

Old Directv Customers (Rantish) - 12 years ago

[i]WOW are they THAT desperate for customers LOL[/i] They are! To quote "we want the dish to stay to pressure the next tenants to get Directv" My whole thing is I'm used to people charging you for...

Old Directv Customers (Rantish) - 12 years ago

[i]That's pretty rude of her, but I think they're pretty easy to remove. There was a Dish TV dish on our house when we bought it. Hubby just got out the ladder & removed it. It took less than 5 minut...

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