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I joined this crazy place on 2009-08-17, 9 years ago.

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business casual? - 6 years ago

Thanks a ton :) and yes its long enough its a shirt but definitely covers my butt :)[img]null[/img]undefined

business casual? - 6 years ago

So I just got hired at a new job =D!!! And the manager told me to come dressed like a did for the interview (slacks,hills,dressy shirt) but not as casual. So my question is...will u...

Beer & wine tasting party - 7 years ago

labrusco ...stella rosa ...and moscato =D sounds fun..enjoy

Prayers Please.. IVF egg retrieval tomorrow! - 7 years ago

ill pray for you if this last cycle of clomid does not work for us we will try our 1st ivf =S so nervous but i wish you the best and yes don't stress and get plenty of rest stay away from heavy liftin...

POLL: do you have a treadmill?? or exerise equipment - 7 years ago

honestly i tried a treadmill and i liked the streets better i felt a better work out especially in my calves and the treadmill you are staring at the same thing n running out you actually get your vit...

lets share a recipe!!! - 7 years ago

*Anita Waxin* omg i can taste it already it smells so good =D thanks a ton i hope it comes out well =D

lets share a recipe!!! - 7 years ago

does any one have a yummy pork chops recp they would like to share with me? i have already made the apple one but hoping i can make something different

please pray for me =( - 7 years ago

thank you ladies but we were denied =,( =,( sister lost all her rights and now my niece will be adopted from her foster parents...i was denied from being notified to late and they are saying she(my ni...

POLL: Do you think Female Marines and Marine wives get along? - 7 years ago

[i]*With this said, I am still sure there are some female Marines with class, integrity, etc. I know no entire group of women can be stereotyped. [/i] so agree with you.. =,( i wouldn't mind getting...

POLL: Do you think Female Marines and Marine wives get along? - 7 years ago

i actually try to get along with the marine chicks but for some reason they all have given me dirty looks i have no idea why i think im a real laid back and friendly person but i have gotten along wit...

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