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I joined this crazy place on 2013-04-02, 9 years ago.

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Marine wife, Marine veteran, mommy of my precious nephew (now our son) through which we became parents in Sept 2012 (finalize adoption summer 2013), and full-time college student at Alliant International University. I stay busy, but make time for those I feel are worth it... because we all know there are some crappy people out there you just don't want to waste any time on. Life is short and I'm far too busy for drama. Don't need it. Won't have it. Period.

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Adopt/Foster - 9 years ago

We are adopting my nephew so we don't have to go through an adoption agency, but some of the things are the same. If you get custody of your child before the adoption is finalized, which you will as p...

Preschools please? - 9 years ago

We attend La Petite Acadamy because my son is 2.5 an too young to attend a formal preschool, plus we have to finalize this potty training thing... He's almost there darnit...stubborn boys! It costs us...

PCSing to Pendleton--Help PLEASE :) - 9 years ago

Here is a base map and includes where each housing section is located. Is diesnt break up WM 1,2,3... But they are all right next to each other. Here is the link:

PCSing to Pendleton--Help PLEASE :) - 9 years ago

You're welcome RosieSandyToes! I think this is the right coordinates: 33°17'36"N 117°20'41"W (for his building) You would go through the back gate and the commute would be garbage. However, W...

help San Onofre 1, 2bed 1 bath - 9 years ago

Yeah... we wanted San O more so than any other place on base. Being a Marine vet, I don't even want to move on base at all because I'm over the entire military thing and avoid it. I love that he's in ...

help San Onofre 1, 2bed 1 bath - 9 years ago

@Monkey Manners Our BAH in San Onofre 1 was $2382. We had a 5-bedroom there, it was teeny, but we liked the neighborhood very much. You don't get "stuck". Lincoln is not the military and they wa...

help San Onofre 1, 2bed 1 bath - 9 years ago

@Busmc24 hello me and my husband are PCSing from 29palms to camp pen. we are going to be living on base housing san Onofre-1 . can anyone tell me if the housing is small . is it worth living on base...

GFs on Pendleton rant - 9 years ago

Yes... some wives and gf's are crazy. When I was on active duty, most of the wives thought I was trying to get with their husbands and hated me on principle, thinking I shared something wonderful with...

crafty wives? - 9 years ago

@KnightRider Yea, I don't have a sewing machine :/ I wish I could quilt though lol You can buy reasonably cheap ones. If you get good enough at it, you could sell the quilts as well. They make gre...

Wire Mountain 1 - 9 years ago

We were just assigned our house but aren't schedule to move in until the end of the month. They are really nice (according to my husband who did a walk-through... I'll be checking it out myself next w...

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