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I joined this crazy place on 2012-04-06, 7 years ago.

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post surgery - 6 years ago

I'm just going by what my surgeon told me it was rare or maybe to get the surgery ..and the heria was in the felopian tubes so we'll dam...surgerys painful period "

my girl friend bfff :( - 6 years ago

I'm fine in fact I'm great if I don't make since its cuz I'm tired under rested,wanted another opinion having gone no were thaught of sharing my sorrow of a friend ..I don't know but I'm close to mos...

Catalina Island - 6 years ago

I know on birthdays that person rides free Idk. But herd it sucks so bad my Guy goes it boring everyone he goes "he once was trapped out for work out there for a week he was actually missing me I wad ...

my girl friend bfff :( - 6 years ago

Never I don't drink any more just being emo I attend AA it made me realize there are all kinds of different drunks I just have a hard time stopping when I get started "I'm like party "but not any more...

Depressed Mommy - 6 years ago

I get like that pills make it worse for me I have a 10/6/2 year holds cuz well had a few bad men in my life but I'll do anything for them I love my chickies but I often am always doing things for them...

Warning; Read at Own Risk. - 6 years ago

I love old people I think there awesome all the stuff they 've seen places they 've been it makes me Mad then sad to hear them being mistreated Thieves are losers ' why can't they find another way to ...

my girl friend bfff :( - 6 years ago

Cutting her of possibly , but she'll come crawling back no but"she'll call after I remove the go straight to voice mail "I just thaught it was funny cuz I text her yesterday I'll get over it just need...

my girl friend bfff :( - 6 years ago

And it's not like my Guy wants to know of any female problems he's always like babe "but I'll admit this surgery he stepped up help me rediculousely mad me laugh when I wonted to cry cuz I'm always in...

my girl friend bfff :( - 6 years ago

Yea pain meds. Are definitely playing a part It just makes me sad I have stood up for her baby sat for her, took her out in time of need gave her my last dollar, held her hair well she cried and picke...

my girl friend bfff :( - 6 years ago

I mean I don't exspect a lot just a freaking true loyal friend, I mean when we talk it's like oh so is your boyfriend cheating it's like why is that even a subject ' oh cuz he's always gone I'm like "...

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