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I joined this crazy place on 2012-03-27, 10 years ago.

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Legal or Military Police Advice Please!!! - 9 years ago

Okay, I need a few questions answered and what I have rights too! I need your husband or wife who is in legal or the Military Police advice an need to know what to do. I just need some questions answe...

ONE SOURCE NUMBER?? - 9 years ago

I REALLY need the number to One Source ASAP... Please....Thank you!!

Weight Watchers?? Anyone? - 9 years ago

Just wanted to know if any of you are doing any weight loss or with Weight Watchers? I've started with Weight Watchers and in my first 2 weeks I have lost 7.8 pounds and LOVING it. I can eat what ...

PYS RETURN POLICY.... - 9 years ago

Well, I think if they were not too sure of how it'd look on them that they should have tried it on before buying it (i even do that at walmart before buying, duh) lol. I would just tell them that you ...

Deluz? GYM After 6 OPEN??? Heelp - 9 years ago

Thank You TweeldeDee2!! Do you know if we need a key to get in?

Deluz? GYM After 6 OPEN??? Heelp - 9 years ago

Okay I just moved here in Deluz and NEED to find a gym around here that is open after 6PM. I was wondering if any of you know if there is one for this housing place or around here that I can go too? I...

r u serious moment..... - 9 years ago

Same way in WM1!!! I think my husband and I stopped for all these kids in the middle of the road for about a good 3 mintues, not kidding!! I will not allow my children in the street, just like my mama...

South Deluz Housing - 9 years ago

OmGosh, I cant wait to get there!! Sounds like WAY better than here!!! Girls night out sounds like fun too!!!

so I am a little irritated with pys flagging! kinda long - 9 years ago

My post are getting flagged as well. It really makes me angry!!! Im sorry its happening to you as well. I never had this issue when i lived in 29 palms but as soon as i moved here all my stuff got fla...

South Deluz Housing - 9 years ago

Hey everyone!! We currently are living in WM1 and not liking it so much at all. We are a very laid back family (dont like to party every weekend) and have tried to make it here our home but we cannot....

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