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I joined this crazy place on 2010-11-12, 7 years ago.

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husband getting ideas - 6 years ago

he did 9 years. i know that it doesn't warrant a gift but i would just like to do something nice for him. i know the marines he works with are getting him something. i just thought i would get him som...

husband getting ideas - 6 years ago

my husband is getting out and i'm wanting to get him a gift. any good suggestions?

Cross Country - 6 years ago

[i]Jdoll - good luck! We have no kids or pets so I guess we're lucky in that part. I'm sure the kids must be tired and cranky from being in a car for so many hours. [/i] Thanks so much!! We're tra...

Cross Country - 6 years ago

We're moving back to Oklahoma at the end of May. We're also doing a DITY move. My husband wanted to do it because all of his friends that did a DITY ended up with a nice chunk left over. So, we'll see...

Have you recently done a DITY move? - 6 years ago

My husband is EASing this summer! We're DITY moving to Oklahoma with a 4 year old, 17 month old and two dogs! My mom and dad are coming out to help! It's our first DITY and I'm NERVOUS!

fun things in temecula/murrieta area - 6 years ago

we're moving in a few months and tomorrow my husband and i are going out. we hardly ever go out without the kiddos and, since we're moving so soon, it'll probably be our last date night in the area. i...

Nystatin ointment for boys yeast infection - 6 years ago

my son used to get yeast infections as a baby. he had super sensitive skin. my son's pediatrician always told us to use vagisil cream and a drizzle of mylanta(the antacid). i thought it sounded odd bu...

York Peppermint Pattie Coffee Creamer :) - 6 years ago

i've seen it in the temecula walmart. so, that's not really helpful. lol! i hope you find some!!! :)

HOUSES FOR RENT - 6 years ago

we're in temecula and will be renting our house out but it's not available until june 1st. :( i wish you the best of luck!! :)

kiddos and adult restrooms - 6 years ago

[i]If the dad was by himself I can see why he would take her in there with him[/i] he wasn't. the mom was there. we were at a restaurant and they were sitting by us. that's why i was wondering. i t...

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