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I joined this crazy place on 2010-08-30, 8 years ago.

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Pet Peeve Post - 6 years ago

1- People who smack their lips while eating food, gum, or chew.  2- People who make that annoying slurping sound because they want the last sip of drink out of the bottom of the cup.  3- People who ...

for you older parents with older teenagers - 6 years ago

I got my permit the day I turned 15 1/2 then my license the day I turned 16. My parents rules 1- must obtain all A's or above a 3.5 gpa 2- must attend all classes on days I go to school even an a...

Gymnastics Classes? - 7 years ago They start the 28th. :) [url=]Fallbrook gymnastics[/url]

Gymnastics Classes? - 7 years ago

Fallbrook or Oceanside?

driving cross country with a 3yr old how to handle it - 7 years ago

I know it sounds silly but my parents would only drive cross country at night. So I would sleep in the car. Then get a hotel room durin the day and take turns resting while I played then again at nigh...

For those that have rental properties. - 7 years ago

Question would your rates go up filing claims on everything? If so factor that in as well. I know people who have made one claim and their rates jumped $60 a month.

Rant: Raggedy Marine Wives - 7 years ago

Wtf is a cstore??

Random Girl Scout ? - 7 years ago

Accountnickname do you know when San gorgonio will start selling this year? All this cookie talk makes me want some.

Riddle me this... - 7 years ago

[i]I feel so stupid, but I don't get this one.... There is a woman who hung herself in a room. The room has no windows, and the ceiling is 15 feet tall. The only items in the room beside the woman...

dang jr marines - 7 years ago

Dont leave your foot locker open during field day with a shit ton of spice in it. :/

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