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I joined this crazy place on 2010-03-09, 12 years ago.

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Civilian "MP".

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highten sercurity - 9 years ago

Nothing to see here,,, move along please

highten sercurity - 9 years ago


Barn @ Las Pulgas? - 9 years ago

just inside the las pulgas gate.

Civ MP - 9 years ago

read your messages.

A Question for the Guys...Or Anyone Who Knows Cars/Gas Mileage! - 9 years ago

My truck went from 10 mpg to 7.5 mpg when towing a 3/4 pickup on a uhaul trailer... I was running a 454 in a one ton Chevy Truck.

looking for a Marine Corps recruiter - 9 years ago

The Marine Corps is downsizing. Good luck.

Cruise? - 9 years ago

I've been on a couple of Carnival Cruises.. not too expensive, decent food and entertainment. alcohol is a bit pricey tho, so take a couple of small bottles with you in your shoes. Or you can buy ...

Mail in Deluz...anyone have any problems? - 9 years ago

I've had several packages "lost" in the mail recently, AND ship times from/to the east coast have become much longer (3 weeks in one case)

Subway's on base: Huge health concerns!!!! - 9 years ago

who knew that the mushrooms were grown on the premises..!

Subway's on base: Huge health concerns!!!! - 9 years ago

wow. I hope this is not true, because I eat there occasionally. If this store is like that, how are the others on base?

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