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MindYaOwnBiz --- 10 years ago -

ShizYou're selling them right out of your house?

Like cooking in your kitchen?

Yes we do cook them in our kitchen homemade :)

Yes, she did!! 

FLOfam --- 10 years ago -

CHHEZ thanks lol Damn Its all good we are taking care of what we need and for those saying we were "Shady" Really are you frickin kidding me? We had NO idea so how can we be shady if we were not informed? Anyhow that is not the point. THE POINT is that we are going to make things right and make sure that we are good. Following each and every rule that may be in place because we are ont interested in being rule breakers...really.
The realness behind all this is that my husband is a stay at home dad and cant exactly do Mary Kay, do body wraps, or scentsy UM HELLO lol so I was like well what is he GREAT at and what does he love to do and we put the two together because he was tired of doing nothing. He was been so happy doing this he is a completely different person. Lucky for me LOVELY PENDLETON UNDERGROND or some LOVELY folks on this site have let me know some things and I HAVE TAKEN IMMEDIATE ACTION upon being informed. PLease stop saying its a business as it never was it was a pleasure and joy for my husband. Business is work and it wasnst that for him. Businesses stand up to make profit and THAT DEF wasnt what it was for us. WE WILL NOT BE DEFEATED HOWEVER and we will be up and running again! 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 10 years ago -

Dont let the people of the UG get to you. They will find something wrong with everything and be negative. They have nothing better to do than pick apart others. You tamales are great, your service is great and you dont need the people who want to down grade your services. I hope you get it all up and running soon. Good luck. 

FLOfam --- 10 years ago -


misery loves company is what my dad has said before. 

gurlplz --- 10 years ago -

Good luck hope you get up and running soon! 

sweetcheeks --- 10 years ago -

I want some!!! Yummy! I was considering selling my cheesecakes 

shizzlemydizzle --- 10 years ago -

MindYaOwnBiz --- 4 hours ago - quote - flag comment - hide comments
ShizYou're selling them right out of your house?

Like cooking in your kitchen?

Yes we do cook them in our kitchen homemade :)

Yes, she did!!

I never saw her post - I had already moved on to another thread. Whatever.

If you are accepting money on a regular basis for goods or services, it IS a business, regardless if you are making any money at it or not.
I don't care what you do, just clarifying that one for you.

not-for-profit businesses are reserved for special groups like churches, civic organizations, youth organizations.
A person can not be a NFP unless it's a community based service enterprise. 

shizzlemydizzle --- 10 years ago -

Business Advisor/ Small Business mentor is the best route to take.

Food businesses are tricky. In addition to the usual business licenses, there are also health department rules/certifications/inspections. 

TweedleDee2 --- 10 years ago -

:( I wanted some sooooo bad! 

FLOfam --- 10 years ago -

Yea we are getting everything into place now so until further notice we wont be able to because the last thing we wanted was trouble. Thanks though and well keep you posted. WE WILL FINISH all we have now though :) 

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