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POLL: How old were you

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POLL: How old were you

When you had your first baby? The husband and I wanted to wait until we were about 28-30 but now we are thinking maybe sooner. Just curious about when everyone had theirs :)

Under 18 Vote
 12.4% (11)
18/19 Vote
 18.0% (16)
20/21 Vote
 19.1% (17)
22/23 Vote
 9.0% (8)
24/25 Vote
 7.9% (7)
26/27 Vote
 2.2% (2)
28/29 Vote
 5.6% (5)
30/31 Vote
 3.4% (3)
32/33 Vote
 1.1% (1)
34-39 Vote
 2.2% (2)
40-45 Vote
 0.0% (0)
old as dirt Vote
 0.0% (0)
no kids Vote
 19.1% (17)
Thread Killer --- 6 years ago -

No kids and do not plan on any for a while. My husband and I are both in our mid-20's and will be starting a new chapter in our lives.

I will be finishing up my degree and he will just be beginning his education. We will be broke and barely making it as it is. Why throw a child into a potentially rough situation?

In the end, if we have our own then fine. If not, then there is always adoption. 

BadMomma2 --- 6 years ago -

for my first i was almost 32 and my last was 2 days before my 40th - there is no way i could have been a parent earlier than this

my sister on the other hand, had her first at 17yrs and her 3rd at 21yrs. we both think the other is crazy 

Alisa --- 6 years ago -

I was 18 with first, 23 with 2nd and 25 with 3rd. I am glad we had our kids young for two reasons. First we are still young enough that once our kids are.grown we can still enjoy life after kids. Second I found out I had cervical cancer @ 27 and had to have a hysterectomy. Had I waited till I had completed my bucket list I would have never had children. 

Mom25 --- 6 years ago -

My first at 19...looking back I was an okay Mom, second at 25...I was even better. One divorce and remarriage later...I was 38, then 39 and the last one I'll be 41...Love them all but wonder how the first two The last three have been a breeze. If you wait, you may encounter fertility related me. Give yourself a little room, just in case. 

Blondie714 --- 6 years ago -

24, no children, I'll have them if and when I want to have them. Fertility problems really aren't at the top of my mind right now.

I can't believe 12 other people dont have kids either, where are you people hiding at?!? :) 

ChefsDoItBetter3 --- 6 years ago -

I can't believe 12 other people dont have kids either, where are you people hiding at?!? :) 

I know right I feel like the only person without kids. I don't mind though cuz when my friends are restricted to do things due to having children at young ages I don't have to miss out. :) 

Calimommy --- 6 years ago -

Wish all girls could hear this! I seen so many pregnant teens at the Avacodo Festival yesterday. I hate to judge them but all I can think about is how hard their lives will be :( 

I hear ya, I was super embarrassed when I was pregnant, I can't stand the girls who want to play house so fast, clearly they wanted it. I do not regret my daughter, timing, I felt at first if I would have waited I could have given her more. After she was two or so I realized I was one of the rare who did have a great father for her and it worked. It doesn't for everyone. So if you think you are ready or you need to wait, than I feel you just know. 

SouthernBelle --- 6 years ago -

I was 19 (almost 20), I'm now 23 and have 2. 

LaLa --- 6 years ago -

Ill be 22 in a few months.
we said 30 then 27 then 24.
i agree about going on base and feeling like im missing a baby lol (not a reason to have one btw.) It seems like (not trying to offending anyone) a lot of military families start having kids at a young age. When we lived in serra mesa when we first got married sooo many people we having kids and they were younger than us. Like 18 and i thought sheish everyone is young with kids. 

MySweetBabyBoy --- 6 years ago -

I was 23 and husband was a few day shy of 25 when we had our first. We had been together 5 years and married 4.5 when he was born. I think those 5 years were important to grow with each other and really make sure our marriage was ready for children. Our original goal was to wait until I was 27 but we found out I have PCOS so we had to conceive our son with the help of an Infertility Clinic. If we had wait until later to have kids, we would have had an even harder time and might not have kids at all. We are currently going through it again. Trying to get a sibling and I can tell you just 3 years has made such a difference in my fertility. It is alot harder to get me pregnant at 25 then it was at 22.

So that is just a cautionary tale. 

RMof2 --- 6 years ago -

I am glad I was young with my kids. Granted it makes schooling harder because of trying to find time to study and sitters, but to be honest.. I wouldn't change it for the world. Some students give up study time to go out and party.. I give up study time to hang out with my kids and go to the park, playdates or kids birthday parties. It will get easier when both of my kids are old enough to be in school full time and they will be out of the house by the time my student loans are paid off and I can really enjoy my career and travel if I so choose to. I am picking a career that it will be easy to relocate with if I decide to do so. Could I give my children more if I had my career first? Sure, but to be honest, they are already pretty spoiled.. They don't need much more at their ages and I will have my career before I have to worry about paying for their college and cars and what not. They are what motivated me to go back to school anyways. 

MammaMia --- 6 years ago -

25 for the first one and 33 for the second one. 

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