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PTSD Therpy Dogs

who's talking here?

Drake 2

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Drake (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

DaniP --- 1 years ago - quote
Does anyone have information about training and getting help with making a dog/puppy a ptsd therapy dog? Thanks.

keysonfire --- 1 years ago - quote
For you and your family or training the dog for another person?

CorpsmanWife --- 1 years ago - quote

a3728266uu --- 1 years ago - quote
I've been looking into the possibility of fostering a service dog. There is a place in temecula. That's as far as I've gotten. Here is their site but I'm just now looking at it.

DaniP --- 1 years ago - quote
I am looking for us to train the dog for our family. My husband has bad ptsd. We have a 3 month old puppy and I had a conversation with my neighbor and she said we could get him to be a pstd service dog. I don't know much about it at all.

Leigh3212 --- 1 years ago - quote
There are 2 types of PTSD dogs. There are service dogs recognized as service animals and emotional support animals. Both qualify as PTSD dogs. Service animals are trained and certified by the state or organization, and will usually be covered by veteran organizations with a note from a pyschiatrist. These dogs are allowed everywhere by federal law. An emotional dog is not a service dog, but is trained by the ASPCA (about 150) and not recognized as a service animal. That being said, housing will recognize them and will accommodate for them. Public places ARE NOT required to allow them. Not all puppies will have the temperament for either. Training should be started early.

DaniP --- 1 years ago - quote
Thank you a408. I am still not sure where to get started. I would like him to be a service animal. I am just at a loss. I am trying to get help through my husband. He is going back to the dr on Friday so we will see about advice from there. Thanks all.

CaliJuicy --- 1 years ago - quote
I don't mean to bud in on your thread, but I would also me interested on info regarding therapy dogs.

DaniP --- 1 years ago - quote
CaliJuicy, if you find any information please share!

keysonfire --- 1 years ago - quote
Usually you start with STAR puppy or Canine Good Citizen. Most therapy certifications require the tests. CGC is 10 basic obidience skills the dog has to do for an evaluator. This is for a therapy dog, which is different from a service dog. These are a good way to get started for a therapy animal.

Mommy2three --- 1 years ago - quote
I have few questions about these dogs. Are people allowed to touch the dogs and hang all over them? Do they usually have a certain type of backpack that they wear? Just trying to figure out if the dog I'm thinking of is truly a service dog..

Thank you!

a4226170uu --- 1 years ago - quote
Mommy2three, I just retired from the Marines May 6 and have a service dog after a combat injury in 2010. If you have any questions I can probably answer them.
I know of a great organization here in Oceanside that can possibly help a lot of you out with dogs but you will need recommendations from Doctors.

a4321418uu --- 1 years ago - quote
I have 2 service dogs , 1 for PTSD and depression and the other for epilepsy/depression. 

Drake (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

Do to spammers the original was deleted. If you would like to comment feel free to message me. 

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